Beauty Industry


5 Things to Know Before Going to Cosmetology School

Make an informed decision, before enrolling into a future of cosmetology, take time to learn these five important aspects of attending beauty school.


5 Things Every Beauty School Applicant Should Know

Want to apply to Beauty School? Here are a few things every cosmetology applicant should know before enrolling in this fun, life-changing form of education.


How to Decide What Cosmetology Career to Choose

Becoming a cosmetologist is the first step in your career, but what comes after you graduate? Here’s how to choose your preferred sector of the beauty industry.


What Does It Take to Succeed in Cosmetology?

Graduating from Beauty School is a great start, now learn about what it truly takes to be gain employment in the cosmetology industry. You got this!


4 Signs You Should Be A Cosmetologist

A divine and destined interest in the beauty industry doesn’t appear overnight. Here are some major signs that you were made for the world of cosmetology.

design essentials products - feature

Product Spotlight: Design Essentials

Design Essentials is a natural hair care brand featuring products that preserve, restore and replenish your hair’s beauty by giving it strength and shine.

design essentials brand feature

Brand Spotlight: Design Essentials

Design Essentials is an American hair care business that specializes in natural hair with products to help bring out your hair’s natural beauty and texture.

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Product Spotlight: American Crew

American Crew is a men’s grooming brand featuring hair styling, hair and body care, and shaving product lines that suit the modern man.