esthetics school time requirements

How To Decide Between Part-Time and Full-Time Esthetics School

esthetics school time requirements
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If you’re planning on going to esthetics school, undoubtedly one of the most important things you’re going to have to think about is whether you’re going to go part-time or full-time. It might not seem like that big of a deal at first; after all, isn’t it just about how long you’ll be at school? However, there is more to it than that. Here are a few questions that can guide you through whether you should go to esthetics school part-time or full-time.

Do You Need To Work Through School?

Some people may need to work while they’re in school. If you’re one of those people, it’s crucial that you weigh your ability to go to school and work at the same time. Most people who will work while they’re in school will do best with part-time school, especially if they’re going to work full time. However, it is possible to go to work part-time and go to school full-time. Regardless of which you choose, asking the question is extremely important.

Are You Worried About Having To Drop Out?

If you’re worried about potentially dropping out, you might wonder whether part-time esthetics school is best for you. After all, then you have less work every semester, right? As a matter of fact, the statistics don’t back up that strategy. According to the Community College Survey of Student Engagement in 2017, students who enroll full time at least sometimes are more likely to pass gateway classes and more likely to complete college overall. If you’re concerned about the possibility of dropping out because of disengagement, that’s actually even more of a reason to go full throttle and get into your schooling full time.

Do You Have Other People in Your Life That You Take Care Of?

Parents and caregivers for family members are much more likely to spend a significant amount of their time caring for other people in their lives. A parent is essentially already dealing with a full-time job taking care of their child. While part-time college might not be your first choice here, a part-time program will give you the flexibility to attend school while still taking care of the people you love.

Are You Worried About Affording College?

Again, this is a question some people might consider pointing toward part-time college. The thought is typically that if you’re going part-time, you’ll have less to pay every semester, which can help you pay more easily. However, what you’re not thinking about is that many forms of student aid only kick in once you’re at a full-time course load, and the financial aid that’s available to part-time students is often much less than the aid available to full-time students. If you’re at all worried about affording school, you may actually benefit significantly from going full time and taking advantage of those added financial aid opportunities.

When Are You Available?

In-person courses require you to be at certain places at certain times, and because esthetics requires so much hands-on training, it’s typically majority or completely in-person. Before you make your choice, it’s a good idea to check the hours of each course. You may find that you’re best suited in terms of availability to either the part-time course or the full-time course.

Should You Choose Part Time or Full Time?

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The truth of the matter is that part-time and full-time are two different options that are better for different people. Some people may prefer the flexibility and lowered commitment levels that can come with part-time college. Some may prefer the immersion and heightened financial aid options that can come with full-time college.

When it comes to the esthetics program at Ogle School, you have both options. Full-time esthetics courses run Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., while part-time courses run Monday through Friday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. If you’re interested in learning more, you can always contact Ogle School.


Schools offer both part-time and full-time courses because they’re best for different people. With both a part-time course and a full-time course, a school can serve more people. Regardless of whether you would prefer to go to esthetics school full time or part-time, Ogle School has you covered. You can choose the option that works for your needs and desires.

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