Eco-Friendly Makeup: The Future of the Beauty Industry

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eco-friendly makeup

Eco-Friendly Makeup: The Future of the Beauty Industry

eco-friendly makeup
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Salons Using Eco-Friendly Makeup Are Changing the Game

Have you ever wondered how much impact your makeup routine costs the planet? Each year about 120 billion plastics from cosmetics packaging are tossed and end up in landfills and our oceans, which contributes to a loss of 18 million acres of forest each year. As concerning as these facts are, beauty salons are taking the bull by the horns in the eco-friendly movement and exercising the steps necessary for a more environmentally friendly planet. Salons that are utilizing eco-friendly makeup are making a big impact in the world’s growing earth-positive campaign, and their clients are thanking them for it — as much as our planet is. What’s healthier for the earth is healthier for people, and even better for business.

Why Eco-Friendly Makeup Is the Future 

Many people are now considering how environmentally friendly the products and services they use are (or aren’t). This is especially true of the products we tend to use every day, like makeup. Salon owners, in particular, would have a hard time not considering their impact on the environment, and these days more and more salons are leading the charge and expanding their efforts in being eco-friendly. Eco-friendly makeup is just one of many steps a salon can take in reducing the harm inflicted onto the earth, but the difference it can make to the planet, and to us as individuals, is huge.

Gen Z alongside Millenials have been called passionate for a reason, and they’re bringing the fight for awareness concerning our environment to the front of the battlefield. New and exciting ideas, products and services are flooding into the market, all with the same goal in mind — to protect the environment. We are learning that less really is more, and how cleaning up your life with the essentials can make life simpler. It’s been a long time of hearing that we need to clean up our act, but now people are becoming more eco-conscious in their decisions — from the cars they drive to the food they eat, and certainly to their beauty products. But what does it actually mean to be “eco-friendly”? Simply put, being eco-friendly is a blanket term that means living with the intention to do less harm to the environment. One simple step salons can take in this movement is to use eco-friendly makeup.

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What Is Eco-Friendly Makeup? 

With so many ingredients, and products making claims of being vegan, natural, organic, and more, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not know what’s what. But it’s simple: eco-friendly makeup is any makeup that makes an effort to reduce the impact on the earth by using more sustainable ingredients and packaging — or, in the best case scenario, both. Recently, many cosmetics companies are making great efforts to be more conscious of not only the ingredients they use, but the process in which their products are made. Even better, the salons using them are largely reducing their carbon footprint. For a long time, people would put makeup products on without having any clue what was actually in them, not considering the chemical traces being left in their bodies, the air, or the water. Now, as this generation calls for more transparency, we have eco-friendly makeup options that are as good for skin as they are for the planet. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Makeup

One common misconception in the beauty world is that to be eco-friendly you must sacrifice quality, but that couldn’t be more inaccurate. Let’s be honest: commercial makeup is filled with rubbish ingredients that you just don’t need on your skin, much less in the world’s water supply. When you toss out all of the toxic chemicals and preservatives, what you’re left with is a much more ethical, sustainable, quality product that’s better for your skin, and it’s eco-friendly! 
For so long it has been thought that to be eco-friendly means increasing costs, and that the options for products are much more expensive, but in many cases that choice to become eco-friendly either doesn’t have much impact on the bottom line or ends up actually reducing costs in the long run.

Minimizing harm to the planet is the right choice. Less harm to the planet means less harm to our health. The benefits of choosing eco-friendly makeup, and eco-friendly living in general, far outweigh any negative sides one might fear. More and more clients are searching for ways to become conscious consumers, wanting to support salons with environmentally positive philosophies. This means that when salons switch to eco-friendly supplies, they may actually see a boost to their business. We’re all in this together, seeking ways to reduce harm to the planet and make sure our businesses are sustainable long-term. With eco-friendly makeup, salons can achieve all of these benefits at once.

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