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holding curly hair

What to Know About Getting a Permanent Wave

Change your products to textured hair formulations. Your stylists can give you beachy waves and loose and soft curls and will customize them to flatter your face.
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before and after blowout

How to Style a Bouncy Blowout

The bounce blowout gives the hair extra sheen, dimension, and bounce. You can achieve an elegant, chic style with a round brush, detangling comb, and hydrating creme. … Read More »

styled blonde and pink hair

Becoming a Hair Color Specialist

Become a qualified hair coloring specialist by attending cosmetology school and obtaining your certificate. Study color is a specialized skill that will grow in demand.… Read More »

photographing manicure

A Guide for Creating Beautiful Visual Content

Avoid out-of-focus photos with social media filters. The proper lighting and angle will make your content look good. The background is equally as important as the foreground.
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Before and after Box Braids

Tutorial: Creating Beautiful Box Braids

Follow this step-by-step, straightforward tutorial on creating box braids to promote natural hair growth using minimal products with our experienced hair stylist.
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different makeup looks

Becoming an Accomplished Makeup Artist

While some states may require makeup artists to be certified, attending school for cosmetology can help deepen your understanding of skincare and makeup artistry.… Read More »

making the video featured

The Art of Making Videos for Social Media

Videos are a great medium to capture your work and showcase your skills. Plus, it gives your followers a glimpse into your personality and world. Learn to be engaging.… Read More »

woman with lots of hashtags featured

How to Effectively Use Hashtags

Hashtags help us find what we’re looking for while also helping possible leads connect with our content. Using specific hashtags can help you find your target audience.… Read More »

before and after

How to Cut Bangs for Curly Hair

Cutting your curls into curly bangs is no easy feat. A proper cut from a professional is best, but our experienced stylist can walk you through the steps for a DIY cut.… Read More »

hot wax legs

The Benefits of Waxing

Besides not having to tweeze and shave, you can enjoy smooth and even-looking skin. Plus, the act of a waxing treatment can feel pampering and a part of your skincare.… Read More »