A Guide to SPF Makeup

Posted on - Tuesday July 9, 2019

Sun protection is an important topic that comes up prominently in the summer. Do you know how to add SPF protection into your everyday makeup routine?

modern shaggy short hair style

The Modern Short Hair Look: Shag Cuts

Posted on - Wednesday July 3, 2019

Shag cuts are coming back in full force, and you should be ready. Have you considered all the modern, unique ways you can wear a shag cut?

Beautiful Stories: Ambrea Busby

Posted on - Tuesday July 2, 2019

Everyone has a story. This is Ambrea’s. Are you ready to start your beautiful story? Schedule a tour today! Check out more of our Beautiful Stores series here.

why you should consider SPF

What Is SPF?

Posted on - Thursday June 27, 2019

The letters “SPF” will often pop up when it comes to skin care items. What does SPF mean, and how can it help you in your skin care routine?

Using Glitter to Make Your Makeup Pop

Posted on - Tuesday June 25, 2019

Glitter can be an interesting way to improve your look, but it can also be difficult to use. How do you incorporate glitter into your makeup?

top 2019 fashion accessories

5 Trendy Hair Accessories for 2019

Posted on - Tuesday June 18, 2019

Hair accessories can be a great way to complete an otherwise lacking look. Have you tried out these five on-trend accessories?

The 7 Best Beauty Bloggers in Houston

The 7 Best Beauty Bloggers in Houston

Posted on - Thursday June 13, 2019

Houston is a beautiful place with a very specific culture and fashion that can’t be duplicated. Are you following these Houston beauty bloggers yet?

Achieving a Messy but Elegant Style

Achieving a Messy but Elegant Style

Posted on - Tuesday June 11, 2019

Messy hairstyles are all the rage right now. How do you get a perfectly tousled hairstyle without making it seem like you just didn’t brush your hair?

Should You Be Using Conditioner?

Should You Be Using Conditioner?

Posted on - Thursday June 6, 2019

Most people use conditioner during their everyday haircare routine. However, have you ever thought about whether you actually need to use it?

How to Make a Bun Look Beautiful

How to Make a Bun Look Beautiful

Posted on - Thursday May 30, 2019

Buns are a well-loved method of quickly pulling your hair up for the day. How do you take that simple bun and make it a little more elegant?

Is a Salon Better Than a DIY Solution?

Is a Salon Better Than a DIY Solution?

Posted on - Thursday May 23, 2019

DIYers often fight with salon experts over what’s actually best for their hair. Is it worth it to go to the salon instead of doing your own hair?