Kelli McEwen’s Expansion of Beauty Knowledge

Cosmetology or esthetics education can be a helpful addition to a database of knowledge that you already have. This was the case with Kelli McEwen, who started her journey already proficient in massage therapy. Over time, Kelli has learned more about esthetics to become a triple threat. Learn more about how Kelli expanded her knowledge at Ogle School.

Kelli’s Knowledge

What made you decide to try cosmetology?

I think—no, I know—that my career, my path, my walk is divine. Everything that I have done has been like—if you walk into a dark room, you see candlelight. You walk towards the light because you’re guided that way. I went to school for fashion design, and culinary arts, and it wasn’t for me. I didn’t find pleasure in that career, but I love to cook. I love to knit, crochet, and everything. And one day, I prayed, and I said, “What am I supposed to do?” And my answer was massage therapy.

The next day, I went to school for massage therapy, and I became a licensed massage instructor. And now, as I was massaging them, I’m like, I loved the face, I loved everything about the body, just manipulation of muscle tissue, but I want to cleanse the face. I wanted to be a triple treat, an asset. I did not just want to be a massage therapist. I wanted to be a source of everything.

So, I started to do mini facials. As a massage therapist, I can touch the face. So, I realized I needed to become an esthetician so I can understand acne, so I can understand rosacea, so I can understand conditions of the skin. And the only way to do that was to take a step and take a leap. And I feel like there’s an absence. But it’s only a void when you make it a void. So, when I took that leap into the void, I was supported.

Ogle just–it grabbed me and it grew on me. I went to another school before Ogle, but it didn’t have customer service. I went, and I sat there for 30 minutes, and I said, “You know what? It’s not for me because if it’s for me, it wouldn’t be this difficult.” I Googled another school, I came to Ogle, and immediately, I felt like there was a weight lifted off of my shoulders. Ogle was my next steppingstone. That void did not exist anymore. So, I am here. And I guarantee you I’ll be the valedictorian.

What do you love about Ogle School?

I love Ogle. I love the competitions that Ogle does. I love how each instructor pushes us. All the instructors have different techniques. And by learning different techniques, you find your own because you get to merge each instructor’s techniques. Ogle is very open, and they’re very supportive. You can go to the front desk, you can go to any one of the instructors, and they’ll have an open-door policy. They’ll talk to you. They’ll do whatever they can to resolve issues.

But Ogle, for me, is special in that I have 66 extra hours. And I’ve forgotten to clock out three times, and when you clock out, you lose your hours. So just imagine how many hours I would have if I remembered to clock out, and stay after because I love being here. My favorite day of the week is Tuesday because that’s my first day of school during the week. Ogle is like a piece of my soul. I will always have an appreciation, love, and a genuine bond with Ogle.

What have you taken away from your experience with Ogle?

I feel like Ogle is going to separate me from the average person. Of course, I also have my drive and my willingness to say I know nothing and learn what I’m being taught. But Ogle… Ogle is amazing. It warms my heart.

Discover Your Own Beautiful Story

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