How Tricia Templeton’s Love of Beauty Developed Into a Career

Turning your passion into a career is a great way to make sure you really love your job. For Tricia Templeton, one of our students, that passion was the thing that really drove her to an interest in beauty. Find out more about Tricia’s journey toward becoming a cosmetologist and discover what might unlock this career for you.

Tricia Templeton’s Journey

What made you interested in cosmetology?

I would say that what led me into the career is I love helping people and making people look beautiful. And I knew that I needed to use that for other people because I just love helping people and uplifting people. I just felt like, “Okay, well, the beauty industry does that.” And also, my cousin kind of inspired me because she went to the Fort Worth campus, and that just all fell in place. So that’s kind of what inspired me.

How did you decide on Ogle School?

I remember speaking to my cousin again, who was studying at the Fort Worth campus. She had me come in to be a model for her, like, “Okay, this is cool,” you know, but it didn’t make a huge impact on me. When we went to the Fort Worth campus, it was pretty, it was awesome, and I loved it, but I didn’t remember that there was a Hurst campus. I was like, “Okay, well, I mean, I have to check this out. It’s closer to me. I live around here.” And I came to the Hurst campus, and I honestly just–I don’t know. I fell in love; I really did. I know everybody says that, but I walked in, and I just felt at home. Everyone was just so nice and welcoming. It was just smaller, and I like smaller.

Tell us about your instructors.

So, I have this one instructor, and her name is Ms. Bradley, and she’s awesome. I love her to death. She’s the sweetest thing; she gets so connected to us. It’s more than just teaching to her: she just really gets involved and really cares. And for me, that’s awesome because I’ve had teachers in my past who are– they’re just going to teach. And of course, that’s their job, but for them to take that extra mile to care and invest in you as a person, that’s just awesome. That’s what I love about it. And I can tell, for the cosmetology people too, those instructors care.

What obstacles have you faced on your journey?

I’ve had a lot of obstacles in school, outside of Ogle, to be honest, but I’ve always been the one that I’ve had to take the extra mile. And I’ve really had to take the time to do things. I’m not that person that can just not study and do the test and pass it. I’m that person that has to literally take a week or so to do it. And that applies not just to Ogle, but I do have to do that as well. I learn really differently from people.

It’s not just I can read it and then I understand it, or it’s not just I can hear it and then I understand it; I have to do hands-on work. I have to check out every option because, for me, I just learn differently. And that’s okay. Especially here, it’s hands-on, so it helps. And Ms. Bradley’s awesome because she really just works with me. She works with people who are like that because not everyone’s the same. So, it’s worked out for me.

How do you overcome your obstacles?

I have ADD, and I also have dyslexia as well. On top of that, I have a learning disability. So, I definitely have experience in overcoming obstacles. But talking about my whole life, you know, there are moments where I’m just like, “I don’t know what I’m going to do,” and I get overwhelmed. But it’s awesome because I can tell that the instructors here know how to deal with that. Ms. Bradley, she will take the time out of her day to go sit with me and be like, “What can I do for you?” Or even if it’s just, “Are you doing okay?” Just checking on a student, honestly, can mean so much.

Talk about your support group.

I have a great support system. My family is my rock. I mean, I love them. I couldn’t do anything without them, like my grandma. She’s my everything; I love her to death. She’s part of the reason, actually, why I did a lot of this because she would always say, “Oh, I could just see you doing this,” you know? Grandmas are the best.

So, my grandma’s my rock. I also have friends and the people here. I love the girls here. They’re such a great support system. Every day we come in, and everybody is just so supportive to everybody else. And I think that’s great because you have to have support here. I mean, you can’t just have it outside. The girls here are great and have support all around. And that’s good because there are some people who don’t come from places where they don’t have their own support, but if you can walk in the door and have support here, that means everything.

What are your goals?

I would say to really promote the beauty industry and really just make it known to everyone. Obviously, people know about it, it’s not that it’s not known, but I feel like it’s just kind of, I guess, not talked about that much. You get a sense of, “Oh, people can cut hair,” “Oh, people can get facials,” “Oh, people can do makeup,” but I feel it’s more to that. You know what I mean? I just really want to make it known that there are so many people out there that are capable of doing it. That would be my thing.

I guess I have a little teacher in me; I don’t know. I want to bring people in and just tell them, “This is just so cool.” I just want to show people about it and teach people about it. For me, after I finish with Ogle, I just want to keep getting certificates and keep growing my schooling because if you don’t keep learning, you’re just going to know the same thing. You’ve got to keep going with it. I just think I would want to keep growing and just tell everyone about it.

Develop Your Own Beauty Love Into a Career

At Ogle School, everyone has a story, and if you also love beauty, your story might include the Ogle School cosmetology program or esthetics program. We believe in helping people from all backgrounds develop their love of beauty. Request more information today to find out how you can discover your own Beautiful Story.

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