Randall Woods: Beautiful Stories

Posted on - Saturday April 4, 2015

Before Ogle, I actually was a pre-K teacher and I loved it. My main reason for going to hair school was I wanted to do something different. What prompted you …

Stephanie Nevels: Beautiful Stories

Posted on - Monday February 9, 2015

Why Ogle? They gave us everything we needed to know for our foundation, and then they kind of built on from phase 1 up, it was just an amazing learning …

Mary Mouring: Beautiful Stories

Posted on - Friday February 6, 2015

Everyone has a story. This is Mary’s. Are you ready to start your beautiful story? Schedule a tour today!

Jessika Davila: Beautiful Stories

Posted on - Saturday January 24, 2015

I absolutely love making people feel good about themselves, so…I have an obsession with makeup, I have an obsession with hair, and putting all that together, to me…I’m getting paid …