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I actually chose Ogle, ‘cause at the time, I was working at the The Little Gym, which is right across the street from here, up on Mockingbird. I was tired of my hair falling out from chemo treatments, and…I came over here to get a haircut, and one of the girls was, like, “You can do this yourself.” And I was like, “Naaaah, I can’t.” And they were like, “Yeah, you can.” And I did, and I signed up, and since then, this has been my family.

Did you look at other schools?

Just…the vibe was different. It was very…competitive. It was very…like, cutthroat, and then they put you in these little tiny categories of either you’re gonna cut, or you’re gonna color, or you’re gonna style, and I’m like, “I wanna do alllll three.” So…that’s what I chose.

What obstacles challenged you during your schooling?

I would probably say my biggest obstacle was my health. Mainly because at the time, I was still going through chemo treatments, sooo trying to determine between going to class, trying to be prepared for Face Off, and Trend Vision, and then also…changing up on career paths. I mean, I was doing computer programming before I came to Cosmetology, so…those were my biggest ones.

What advice would you offer someone in a similar position?

Don’t give up. Don’t give up. Lemme emphasize that one more time. Don’t give up. I’m only saying that because most of the time, students feel like, you know, when you can’t do something, or you’re not sure of yourself, or you’re…confused on how to manipulate the curler, or, just, you can’t pass the written, which we all do. Don’t give up. Just keep pushing, because at some point, all of your teachers, or all of us that are staffed through Wella or Sebastian, we all had to start off somewhere. We all never knew anything, and we were constantly growing every single day, because technology is growing every single day, and so is hair, and products, it’s changing every single day, so…you’re not alone. Don’t give up.

What are you most passionate about?

Chicken wire. Chicken wire, because I can now show my style, and I can build, like, some of the greatest shapes with chicken wire, so it’s probably always gonna be styling. Secondary is gonna be always my color, ‘cause it’s still a numbers game. It’s formulating…taking this…this one color, and taking another color, and creating another totally different tone and level, and…yeah.

Was there any aspect of your schooling that you found to be too difficult?

To be honest with you, when I first started out, I couldn’t take a color client. I kept constantly, like, passing them off to other, like, students, and I just wouldn’t do it until Ms. Witter was, like, “Ferrin, if you don’t try this, like, just try it. Like, you’ll get it. Just try it. It’s just numbers.” And really, it is. It’s just math. It’s just…it’s just like two plus two equals four. It’s the same thing in hair color.

What are you doing now?

Right now, I am a color consultant for Wella, and also Clairol, as of almost about a month ago. So…I basically go from location to location, either Sally’s, or schools, or other salons, and talk about color formulations, or different product lines. How to…cocktail colors together, or even cocktail products. Showing off different styles, or even doing platform performances as of this point.

Describe a time you feel you had an impact on someone.

There was a lady named Vivian Green, who came in. She was deaf, and I come from a very long line of deaf people in my family. And no one would work with her, because no one could understand what she was looking for or what she needed, and I was the first one to step in. She was sitting in another student’s chair, and I just stepped in and was like, you know, “What do you want? How can I help you?” And she was like, “Wow. You sign?” and I was like, “Yeah, I sign, as an interpreter. But what’s happening today?” And she was just, like, ecstatic. She was…overjoyed, and just, to me, that was just, like, the bigger eye-opener, to realize that there are people in the world that come from different walks, different earths, different communications, or different levels or tones in life. Just like we are. That are looking for the exact same thing. You would never think that someone who is probably deaf is trying to figure out how to put the greatest extensions in, or how to apply eye shadow, but they’re everywhere. So…that was my biggest impact.

Everyone has a story.

This is Ferrin’s.

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