Natalie Davis Finds a Versatile Passion

Loving the people you work with can be a huge part of discovering your passion. For Natalie Davis, this was the main drive in discovering her Beautiful Story: recognizing that her ability to help her clients was its own reward in and of itself. Keep reading to discover more about Natalie and the way she discovered her passion.

Natalie Davis’s Pursuit

What made you realize you wanted to pursue cosmetology?

What inspired me to pursue a career in the beauty industry is that it’s very versatile. I realized that if I didn’t like doing hair in a salon, I could do movie sets. If I didn’t like movie sets, I could do a little girl’s salon or something. I realized that the possibilities were endless and that it was a skill nobody could ever take away from me.

What are you passionate about?

I am most passionate about people in general. Making them happy, seeing them succeed in life, and offering my heart to them, my love to them, and just watching them and their reactions and how they grow from it. Just people–I just love people!

What are your goals?

I aspire to be successful. There is not one job that I want to do more in life than just be a mom, really, but that’s not realistic for me. So just to be successful in whatever I do to make a good career that will supply the financials that we need to build our family. It’s also a good example for my kids to follow one day.

Have you encountered any obstacles at school?

My main obstacle has just been being spread so thin. I’m working at a real salon with my mom, which is her salon, working at her salon, and being here as much as I possibly can to hurry up and graduate. The problem has been not having a whole lot of time at home with my husband, and it’s been challenging to be so spread thin.

What would be your advice to new cosmetology students?

I would just say to find your support system and find the people who love you most, and just fall on them. That’s who you’re supposed to be as a support system, and that’s who you will be one day for someone else’s support system. So just love and trust them, and put your best foot forward every day, one day at a time.

What is the most rewarding part of being in the beauty field?

I would say the most rewarding aspect of the beauty industry is just seeing your client’s face once you’ve given them what they’ve finally been waiting for. At Ogle, it’s cool because most of my clientele have been Ogle clients for a while now. And so, people are learning, and they don’t always get exactly what they wish for. So to have hit the nail on the head, just to have really accomplished what they’ve loved, and just seeing their reaction has been the most rewarding–just like a job well done, a good day in the end.

Who have you made an impact on as a beauty expert?

Well, here at Ogle, my first client ever, the sweet, sweet, sweet, older lady Ms. Molly. She is just special, special. Near and dear to my heart. I did her hair for a few months here at Ogle. And she had gotten really sick and been in assisted living, working every day in training and stuff, trying to get healthy again. And so, she called me and said, “Natalie, I just look so old. Please, can you come do my hair?”

So, I did it. I got to go buy the stuff, go to her nursing home, and take care of her. And there was a salon there. It was fun to be that for her and take her and wash her hair in a shampoo bowl. And it was most rewarding, I guess, to feel so needed that after I hadn’t seen her in a few months, and she met so many more people in the process of being sick–doctors and trainers and all of that–but she reached out and wanted me.

Discover Your Own Beautiful Story

There are many reasons to love the beauty field, and the presiding reason will be different for everyone. No matter why you end up loving cosmetology, Ogle School is here to support you every step of the way through the cosmetology program or the esthetics program. If you’re interested in becoming a beauty expert, then consider requesting more information to learn more about Ogle School.

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