Cynthia Vazquez Discovers Something She Loves

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Cynthia Vazquez Discovers Something She Loves

Many people realize that they love Ogle School when they first visit. For many individuals, it’s just the feeling of the campus that’s unique and extremely interesting, and Cynthia Vazquez was no different. Keep reading to discover what made Cynthia choose Ogle School for her career path.

Cynthia Vazquez’s Familial Experience

What are you doing right now?

Right now, I’m a full-time hairstylist, and I also work for Wella Professionals. I’m one of their educators.

Why did you choose Ogle School?

So Ogle is the best school ever. I will put that out there. I’ve always been saying that. Ever since I walked into the door, it felt right. It has made me the person I am today. The instructors here are awesome. I love everything about it. And it has, like I said, made me the person I am today. It made me travel the world, see the world. I’m very excited that I got to be a part of this family and still am.

What makes Ogle School different from other schools?

When you walk into other campuses and look at how they’re set up and how you’re going to feel in that set up, it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel professional. It didn’t feel clean at some of them that I went to. So, that’s what turned me off with some of the other schools.

What are the biggest obstacles you faced as a student?

I did the part-time program, and when I was a student, I was also working full-time in corporate America. So, the obstacles that I would have had were mostly about trying to get here on time because I was having to travel from downtown to here–traffic and things like that. But I made it happen because I wanted to be here. We overcame those obstacles.

What would you tell other students facing those obstacles?

You just have to really be motivated to be here, especially if you’re a part-time student because it’s really hard. If you know this is what you want, you’re going to do it no matter what. So just stay motivated through everything, throughout your Ogle course.

How do you stay motivated?

You just always have to have a smile on your face. Enjoy the time that you have here. Enjoy the students. Enjoy the clients. That’s what’s going to keep you motivated. When you see a smile on somebody’s face, when that smile is because you just did their hair, that’s going to motivate you.

What are you most passionate about?

Everything. I’m very passionate about everything. I love teaching. I love working on somebody and seeing, again, the smile on their face. Just changing somebody’s life, knowing that with a simple touch, you can change somebody’s life in a day.

Did anything surprise you about being a student?

You know, many people think that cosmetology is easy. It is not easy. It’s very hard. There’s a lot of things that go into being a cosmetologist. So, I guess discovering how “not easy” it was–that was what shocked me. But we learned, and over time we were able to do it, you know?

What was a time where you felt like you had a strong impact on someone?

Well, as part of the night program, I was also part of the Success Team. We were always trying to keep our students motivated, to be happy to come to school, to be excited to be here. I think the greatest impact we had was keeping our students here motivated and keeping everyone happy. Everyone is friends with each other and just excited to be here and finish their schooling.

What is different now that you’re out of school?

Everything changes. When you’re in school, it’s one thing. But once you’re in the real world, it hits you. It’s completely different, but I still look back to everything that I learned here. And it’s always there helping me move forward in my career.

How can new students market themselves as stylists?

You have to work on making a brand of yourself. We talked about this in our education. You are your own CEO, so how you present yourself, how you dress, how your hair is, your makeup, that is your own brand. So, when you’re marketing yourself, you have to make sure that you are the first one to be on point. In the modern era, it’s also important to pay attention to social media. Putting your work out there is very important; you need to put all your work out there, do your different hashtags because that’s what it is all about right now. So do your social media. Do your hashtags. And, of course, brand yourself as who you are.

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