Beautiful Stories Series

Dennis Denzel: Beautiful Stories

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Joey Chacon: Beautiful Stories

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Ferrin Caldwell: Beautiful Stories

I actually chose Ogle, ‘cause at the time, I was working at the The Little Gym, which is right across the street from here, up on Mockingbird. I was tired of my hair falling out from chemo treatments, and…I came over here to get a haircut, and one of the girls was, like, “You can …

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Aspen Capers: Beautiful Stories

I grew up in a beauty salon basically. I chose aesthetics because I love skin, I love make up and all my life I had people who come to me for guidance and I really felt like I needed education behind me so that I can guide people in the right direction. What are you …

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Amberley Ramirez: Beautiful Stories

I’ve always been really interested in beauty, hair and makeup. Growing up, I was the girly girl out of my family. I just wanted to do something that I could bring that passion into a job that I would enjoy. What are you most passionate about? I’m really passionate about the places that it can …

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Simon Souvannarath: Beautiful Stories

Currently, I am a Beauty Studio Captain at Sephora. I’m kind of like leading the artistry piece at Sephora with the make-up team, with the color team there, so do doing that, and then doing a lot of freelancing outside, working with published photographers and contracted models here in the Dallas area, so I’ve been …

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Beverly Speller: Beautiful Stories

Why Ogle? The instructors are great. They take the time to show you the love, and to show you. Then it takes a lot of the stress and tension off of you. Which I’ve been doing hair awhile, but professionally, and being a part of the team is just great, it’s great. I learned a …

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Randall Woods: Beautiful Stories

Before Ogle, I actually was a pre-K teacher and I loved it. My main reason for going to hair school was I wanted to do something different. What prompted you to join the beauty industry? I literally woke up one day and said what can I do different? I said let me go to hair …

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