Dana Ayres Explores a Unique Opportunity for Passion

Many people discover their love of cosmetology because it’s a convenient option that they eventually fall in love with. This was exactly what happened with Dana Ayres, who initially visited Ogle School because of its convenient location, eventually falling in love with the school on its own merits. Read on to discover more about the impact that Ogle School made on Dana.

Dana Ayres’ Exploration

What made you realize you wanted to go into cosmetology?

Well, for a really long time, I wanted to be a therapist or some sort of psychiatrist. After a while, I started playing with my own hair because it got really long and messing with other people’s hair, and I learned how to braid, and super basic hairstyling stuff. And I just loved it. I love playing with people’s hair and touching people’s hair. I love that connection. Afterward, when they look at it, they’re like, “Oh, my gosh, I love it.” You know, I love that.

What made you choose Ogle School?

Well, originally, I wanted to come here because I live five minutes away. That was my original main reason. How can you beat that? I’ve always lived close to my schools, so I don’t think I can imagine a long commute. But, you know, I came here, and I visited, and I just love the atmosphere. Everyone here is up and going, and I need to stay up and going. If I’m still for too long, I’ll just vegetate, but it’s a lot better to be up and moving. I like the atmosphere a lot.

Why is cosmetology something that calls to you?

Well, hair is one of those things that some people love to have their hair played with, and some people do not want you to touch their hair at all. So, when somebody wants you to play with their hair and wants you to touch it and mess with it, and do these things to it that they don’t let other people do because you’re trained, it’s almost like being a doctor or being a lawyer. Do you know what I mean? But making people look pretty instead of diagnosing them.

What do you think of your teachers at Ogle?

I love them. They know so much. Most of them have like over 30 years of experience, and it’s like you can just pick their brain and you can just ask them everything. It’s almost like they know everything. You know they don’t, but it sure seems like it!

Who is in your support network?

Well, I live with my grandma and my boyfriend. My grandparents both graduated college, you know, four-year universities. My grandpa worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield and my grandma was a social worker. She worked with the government, all that. So, when I told her that I wanted to go into cosmetology, she wasn’t super excited about it. She’s supportive, but she still wanted me to go to college, you know? But she wasn’t going to tell me that I couldn’t come here or that I shouldn’t. I feel like she might have said that behind my back, but she never said that to my face. She never told me, “You shouldn’t do this,” or “You’re better than this,” like, none of that stuff. And my boyfriend lets me do whatever I need to do and supports me all along the way.

What is your favorite part of cosmetology?

I love doing anything that has to do with color. It’s one of those things that I just understand and get. It’s like easy math, two plus two to me. So, something along those lines, I think. I also really love doing nails. I did my own nails for my birthday. I love doing nails and I love color.

What are your goals?

I feel like even after I graduate, I’m still going to need to discover myself more, and discover what I want to do, and just look into all kinds of different things. I want to try a little bit of everything to begin with, before I’m like, “Okay. No, I want to do this.” I don’t know yet. You don’t know until you try everything.

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