Javier Baez Follows His True Dreams

Your beauty school journey always needs to start somewhere, and for Javier Baez, the story began with desiring a career that made him happy, rather than just a career that he thought could help him succeed. By following his dreams, Javier was able to discover a love of his job that could persist for years. Read on to learn more about Javier’s journey.

Javier Baez’s Beauty Journey

What made you realize you really loved cosmetology?

Well, I was born in Puerto Rico. I had a plan to go to college for political science. And when I was in there, it was not what I wanted to do. My cousins inspired me to follow my dreams and do what I really wanted to do, which was makeup and the beauty industry. So that’s how I started Ogle. I was researching, and one day, I went to my computer. I was searching how to do makeup, makeup schools, or hair schools, and Ogle popped up. And I gave it a try. I came here. I toured the campus. I talked to everyone in admissions. And I literally fell in love with it. That’s why I’m here today.

What has your experience been like with Ogle School?

My experience so far with Ogle has been really good. All my instructors are always there for me. Ogle, to me, feels like a big family. We’re all here to help each other. We’re friendly to each other. We’re always here for each other when we need each other.

Who is your support group?

My support group right now is my parents. My parents and my family are very supportive. I did not think it was going to turn out like that; I didn’t think they were going to take everything well when I first told them that I wanted to do this, but they’ve been very supportive. And everyone here is also supportive, all the instructors. Whenever you have something going on, you can always count on them. They always understand that we go through things in life and not everything’s perfect, but they try their best to help you. My parents try their best to help me too. Because I’m always trying to give my 100%, in a way, I’m also supporting myself. So yeah, I definitely have a lot of support.

Who is your school director?

Ms. Christine Pool is the best director ever. She’s always there for you. Her office is always open. When I first started, I struggled a little because I was the only guy in my class; it was a little awkward. She was always there for me, and she was always there, smiling and welcoming people. If you had any questions, you could always count on her. She’s always out on the floor doing front desk, taking calls, and walk-ins, greeting people. She’s always there if I have any questions. She’s always super busy, but she’s never so busy that she can’t talk to you or help you. She always goes out of her way to help her students and everyone here.

What obstacles have you faced?

When I came here, on my first day, for the admissions process, that was a huge event in my life. It was me, actually, starting my path in the beauty industry, starting to accomplish my goals. Coming here on the first day–that was my first goal. And everyone in the admissions office was really friendly. They were awesome. They showed me everything. They answered all my questions. If I had any doubts about entering this business and starting school, they helped me overcome them, and they made me want to come here to Ogle.

What are your goals?

One of my biggest goals right now when I get my license is that I want to continue education, and I want to build my own beauty brand. I want to have some products and a makeup line. And I also want a salon, like a big salon with a spa where families can go in there, have a fun day, relax; I want it to just be a family-oriented environment.

How do you market yourself as a student?

Well, I’m always asking for clients. I always go out there. I try to market myself. If I see someone out there that has a great hairstyle, I go after them, and I ask them, “Do you currently have a stylist?” I give them my business cards. And I’m like, “I’m here; if you ever need anyone to do your hair, kind of change things a little bit.” That’s how I get clients. And also, I’m always asking the front desk if there’s any walk-ins or anything; if anyone calls, I’m always available for them no matter where it is. Whatever kind of walk-in that comes in, I always want to take them.

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