Shelby Davis Discovers Her Own Love of Beauty

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Shelby Davis Discovers Her Own Love of Beauty

Beauty is an option for many people, but it’s not always an option you’re able to pursue until you’re out on your own. This was exactly what Shelby Davis experienced. While her parents didn’t think cosmetology was a good choice for her when she was younger, she decided to make that decision for herself as she got older. Keep reading to learn more about how Shelby discovered her love of beauty and made it into her career.

Shelby Davis’s Pursuit

What made you interested in cosmetology?

It’s something I’ve been interested in since high school. At my high school, they offered adult cosmetology programs, and it was something I always really wanted to do. My parents were not game for that when I was younger. Once I got older and got to make the decision on my own, I decided to finally get into an industry that I’ve been passionate about for so long.

I love making people feel good about themselves. It’s a cliche answer, but it’s the truth. It’s just really cool when someone comes in and you can tell they’re not feeling good about themselves. But by the time they leave, they’re smiling. You can see them lighting up. That’s a big part of why I chose this industry.

What are your goals?

A lot of the girls, when you ask this question, it’s usually, “I want to own my own salon.” But I have no desire to own my own salon. I don’t like managing people. That’s not my thing. I have two kids, so I wanted a career that provided for my family but also allowed me to have the flexibility to be able to attend their games and shows and be there for them. I just really hope I can find a salon that’s a good fit for me, for my schedule, and for the things I want to do. I’ve kind of looked into a couple of places but I haven’t really set on anywhere yet. Traveling isn’t really an option, or anything, for me. I just want to find a salon that I feel fits me and that I can prosper in.

Who are your supporters?

Like I said earlier, I have kids. I have a five-year-old and a one-year-old. So, a lot of what I do is for them, and to build a life for us that gives me flexibility. They’re awesome. I have great family support. We live with my grandma out here in North Richland Hills. She’s really supportive. We moved in with her right before I started school. That’s been great as far as not having to pay bills while I’m going to school. Because if I had to work and go to school and never be able to see my kids, that just wouldn’t work for me.

I have several friends in the industry who are game to answer questions anytime I have them. And then everybody here is super supportive. Tina’s been great, and Vivian and Dawn were probably my three biggest ones here as far as growing my confidence. Just makes me feel like I have the power to be successful in this industry. Because it is so huge and diverse, ever-changing, and competitive. It’s intimidating at first, but I feel like all three of them have really helped as far as giving me the utensils I need to go on this past year.

What are your obstacles?

It’s been a little bit hard, just because I stayed home with my kids before. They’d never been in daycare or school, or anything like that. And so, we definitely had some obstacles as far as having to leave and things like that. I’m a single mom, so if something’s wrong, I got to go. And they’ve just been really understanding of that here at Ogle.

Other than personal obstacles, as far as school, everything that I kind of had trouble with, everyone’s been really good about helping me get past that. Cutting made me super nervous. Color, you can fix that but once you cut hair, you cannot put it back on. So, it took me a minute to get that down. But no, it’s really it. Everything else came pretty easy.

How did you overcome your obstacles?

It was a lot harder in the beginning than it is now. It definitely took some adjustment, but it’s all really for the bigger picture. So that gives me a lot to go off of, and it helps me go on. Up until I started school, I’ve been a server and a bartender for the last 10 years. It was just so up and down. And that’s not something I wanted to have as a career. I wasn’t cool with my kids going to school and telling everybody, “My mom’s a waitress.” You know, that didn’t really sound that appealing to me. I wanted something a little bit more stable and that made me feel fulfilled because I didn’t, at all, for a really long time.

I struggled with anxiety and with depression. Since starting school, I feel more clear-headed. I still get anxious sometimes, but I felt almost clear of all of it. It’s just really giving me drive, finding something that I knew that I cared about and that I was passionate about, but that my heart just kind of grew to love even more. It’s been great for me all the way around.

Can you tell us about your general school experience?

When I first looked into beauty school, I didn’t necessarily think of it as a career. I just kind of thought of it as a means to an end because I did want something flexible. And like I said, my love for it has just grown. At Ogle, everybody from student services to admissions, directors, instructors, even Amber, our salon manager, I mean, they all are just so good about making sure that you’re comfortable, making sure that you’re prepared for what you’re going to face whenever you leave here. And yeah, I would recommend Ogle to anybody who’s looking into this industry. It’s a great school.

Discover Your Own Beautiful Story

Ogle School is all about helping you discover your own passion just like this. Whether you end up choosing the cosmetology program or the esthetics program, the family at Ogle School is a great starting point for any beauty career you end up desiring. Get in touch and request more information to get started on your journey.

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