Randi Green: Beautiful Stories

My grandmother had her own salon across the street from her house, and I used to be with her every day, you know. I’d help her with the rollers. I’d wash the rollers, and she is one of my biggest inspirations in life, just in general. Just, so…I’ve always wanted to do it. I just finally did it.

What obstacles did you face during your schooling?

Well, I’m a single mom. My son’s father passed away four years ago. And being 34, which…I turned 34 the day of the photo shoot. Finding somebody to help me watch my son and being able to be here, it is 1500 hours, and it is…you know. It takes a lot of people to take care of me going to school, take care of my son, so…I have a lot of support at home.

What is important, to you?

Whenever they cry at the end, and they’re not crying ‘cause you mess it up. They’re crying because, you know, they’ve never felt that way. They feel pretty, you know? They’ve had a bad day, they come in. That’s…that’s important to me.

Why Ogle?

Of all the people I know that are, like, the top stylists that I would want to go to here in Fort Worth, are…all Ogle alumni, you know. All the ones that I’ve known, anyway. That I’ve looked at, that inspired me. So that’s why I came here.

Tell us your story…

In Phase I, I’d probably been here for two and a half, three weeks, and we did our Sebastian What’s Next Award, which was awesome. You know, the energy out on the floor, just the creation out of everybody, it was awesome. So I entered that and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. A whole lot harder than I thought it would be. But, you know…I got to Phase II and it was the Beacon Awards. And I had everything ready, but I didn’t meet the deadline, but I was really excited when four other people from our school made it, you know. That was exciting to me. You know, people that I knew that worked really hard. So when I got to Phase III, I found out about the Trend Vision Awards, you know. And I had a girl come in and she wanted her hair flat ironed. She wanted a specialty style, and she was just beautiful. And when I was finished with her hair, I just asked her to be my model, and she agreed. We exchanged numbers and it was probably a month or two later, you know, that we had to start getting everything ready, and I called her up and she was really excited. She had never done it before. And I was, you know, looking for a makeup artist, ‘cause I’m not. I’m good at hair, but I’m not so good at makeup. And we have a student here who is amazing, and her name is Audia. Mrs. Trevino, my mentor, paired us together, and we worked on it for probably a month, you know, getting everything ready. Getting everything together. A week before the photoshoot, she came in, and we worked and put everything together, and on my birthday we had the photo shoot, and I couldn’t have been more happy. I woke up and my son looked at me, and he goes, “It’s today, Mom. Today you find out if you get to go to Vegas.” You know, he’s going to be nine years old, and the fact that he can come to my job and he can see what I do, and he gets excited about it. That’s…that’s what it’s about. It was amazing. It was a really good experience. The energy was amazing. Just working next to all the girls at Ogle, just, is inspiring, and we have a really good family and I have a really amazing team.

Everyone has a story.

This is Randi’s.

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