Hannah Brown Follows Her True Calling

Some people really feel like they’ve always known what they really wanted to do, even if they previously worked at other jobs. This was exactly the case with Hannah Brown, who was in marketing for years before coming back to the beauty industry and making it her actual job. Read on to learn more about Hannah’s story.

Hannah Brown’s Calling

What made you decide on cosmetology?

I love everything there is about doing hair. I felt that it was my calling. I’ve tried many other things in my life, but the beauty industry is one of the biggest industries and I just feel like there’s so much growth. So, it was where I wanted to be.

Why Ogle?

I chose Ogle after going to a few other schools in the area. And I just felt like it was the best fit for me, personally. When I came here, the instructors were just vibrant, and the students were awesome and very welcoming. And I just felt like it was already like a family. I hadn’t even started and I felt like, “Wow, they made me feel so comfortable,” and it was just a good feeling, and I want to be part of that feeling.

Who is in your support network?

My support group is my family, and honestly, my kids. Every day, they’re so excited for me to go to school, and to learn, and they always ask me what I learned. My family, too, they’re just awesome. They always are interested in what I’m doing, and they’ve just been my backbone. They’re the ones who push me every day to continue to come to school, because it’s tough sometimes.

What makes your school experience tough at times?

It gets tough because life hits you. And then when you’re in school, it’s almost optional. In a sense, where you were going to work every day, you’re required to go to work, you get paid; whereas in school, I feel like you can easily just be like, “I’m paying to do this, let’s take a break or let’s quit,” you know? And I personally did that. I took a break from cosmetology school for seven years. I took a break and I did other things. And I thought that maybe it wasn’t for me, but I came back, and I’m so excited to be here. And just because life hits you, I’m not giving up. I mean, I have an awesome support group, so I’m not stopping until I have my 1,500 hours and I have a license.

What brought you back to cosmetology?

My deciding factor was when I left here, I went back to my marketing and I continued to do marketing for the last seven years, and it just stopped. I don’t know. I got let go from my job that was awesome. I made great money, but it all ended and all came crashing down, honestly. And so I decided that this is my wake-up call. It was not what I was supposed to be doing. I was supposed to do hair, especially because doing hair, you can work for yourself. I mean, yeah, you can work for someone else but when you’re doing hair, you can work for yourself and no one can lay you off, no one can tell you, “You’re done, sorry. You don’t have a job here anymore.”

What’s your day-to-day experience at Ogle School?

I mean, you clock in, kind of like a job. But from the moment you get here, it’s just awesome. You meet brand new people whom you still don’t know. There are so many people here, and you might not know their names, but they’re like, “Hey, good morning!” There are students opening the door because it’s cold or their hands are full of mannequins and brushes, and everything else. And so, when you walk in, it’s just so welcoming. You then use this excitement to get ready for your day and to have clients, and prepare for clients, check your books.

You’re really like in a salon and you are working on clients. It’s also exciting, you know? It makes you feel you’re already out there, even though you’re not. You’re still learning every day, from the time you get here, to the time you leave. I don’t ever want to run out of here, honestly. Sometimes, I’m like, “I’m just going to stay here until the night,” “I’m going to stay here all day,” because I don’t ever want to leave. I just don’t want to stop. I love doing hair. I love being a hairstylist.

What are your plans after you graduate?

Honestly, I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get out of here. I don’t know. I just know that I’m going to be a hairstylist, no matter what. I’m not going to go back to doing my old job. I might use that in my own career but I’m just going to be a hairstylist. And whatever happens, happens. You never know. So, if I go work in a salon for a while, hang out with some girls, learn some things, and then rent a booth or rent a chair, and then rent a booth or a suite, there’s no limit.

Why do you love Ogle?

Ogle is just an awesome school. It really is. I’ve looked at other big-name, top-name schools and toured them, and it was nothing like Ogle. I mean, Ogle is definitely home. This is where I would recommend anyone to come because it’s just family. It’d just make you welcome. Just go ahead; I said it. I love Ogle. 

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