Natalie Mehta Stumbles on a New Career Path

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Natalie Mehta Stumbles on a New Career Path

For many people, a passion started with something that seemed incredibly insignificant at the time. This was the case for Natalie Mehta, who discovered her passion for beauty from a simple haircut. Read on to learn more about how Natalie discovered that she wanted to be part of the beauty industry.

Natalie Mehta’s Surprise

What made you realize you really loved cosmetology?

Initially, I graduated from high school, June of 2018. I was all set and ready to go to college. I was guaranteed admission to University of North Texas. And then a friend of mine invited me to come get a haircut at her cosmetology school. I walked in there and all of a sudden, I knew that that was where I needed to be, that I needed to be in that industry and not just at some regular college. That was no longer for me.

I started looking around different schools, and then I ended up touring Ogle. I met Tameka. And something about that just kind of set me in and I knew that that was going to be where I want to be, that was going to be my new home for the next 18 months. And so I started in August. And all of a sudden, I just knew that was going to be the rest of my life. I wanted to be behind the chair. I wanted to interact with people. I’m a very talkative person. I love just client interaction and customer service. It was the perfect avenue for me.

What made you choose Ogle School?

It’s more of a family vibe. A lot of the other schools, I feel like give you this false front of the most modern salon you can ever imagine, and you’re going to get modern training and modern this, and you get these sliding glass doors in your shampoo room. That’s super fun and all until you get to the actual educational side of it, and you get to who you’re actually working on, the clients you’re with. There was something about walking in Ogle and seeing that it’s so much more, like how everyone vibes with each other. We’re more of a family here. And I think that’s just something that no other school has. And that’s what definitely stood out to me.

What are your obstacles?

So, me personally, I have struggled throughout my entire life with anxiety and depression. Starting freshman year of high school, I actually was diagnosed with about five other disabilities—learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and different things like that. So that’s constantly been my learning obstacle. And slowly but surely, as I get into something I actually enjoy doing, I’m able to overcome that.

When I’m sitting there and I start to really feel uncomfortable, I’m able to remember why I’m here and I’m actually able to do something that I love. And so that’s one obstacle that I face personally that I’m actually able to overcome just with the people around me, the community that we have here. And I’ve made some of the craziest best friends I’ve ever had in my life here. And that community helps get you through absolutely everything.

Who is part of your support group?

So initially, me saying no to college was a big downfall. Eighteen years of my life, my family was like, “You are going to college. That is what your avenue is, and that is that.” I basically said to them, “Hey, just kidding, I’m actually going to go to beauty school,” and they’re like, “Ah, no. That’s not going to happen.” And so initially, I was really scared. I didn’t have much of a support group, but slowly but surely, my family started coming around to it. And Tameka was actually the start of my support group. When I first met her, and she was like, “No, this is where you got to be. Your family will come around. I’ll talk to them,” so that was huge for me. That was a huge just get-go like, “Okay, maybe I can do this. Maybe this is where my heart is calling for.” So that started it.

Even when I first actually started getting into school, I still was super nervous, I still didn’t have much support in that sort of avenue that I had taken. And then I met Mrs. Bailey, the Phase 1 night teacher. And she’s phenomenal, just being there emotionally as a friend, as an instructor. She can look at you and say, “Okay, what’s going on today?” and understand, and then kind of go from there. I think that was just an awesome introduction to school in that way, which is why I love being here at night, too. I love the instructors at night. They’re all awesome.

What’s your favorite part of being a cosmetologist?

I absolutely love making someone happy. Seeing and working on clients, it’s a big thing for me. That’s something that I am most passionate about. When I get a client, I’m always there for them. That is my favorite thing ever because I love being able to have a client walk out happy and just kind of see your work, see how they accept your work, and see how you grow.

I actually used to pull out my hair. At one point, I was almost completely bald, fun fact. For me, at that point in time in my life, I would go to a hair salon and they would do their best to make me feel my most beautiful. And that was the one time I could walk out and feel confident in my hair and how I looked and presented myself. And so, giving back and being the person on the other side of that, and seeing someone and taking away those insecurities, and having that person walk out and be like, “All right. I look good today,” that’s the biggest thing for me.

What are your career goals?

So eventually, I think a lot of people say they want to either own their own salon or become really big in the industry, but my main goal is just to be able to get behind the chair and give back what I got for so many years, that care, that customer service. And then eventually, you never know, maybe go in and open my own business, and do the same thing, just be able to create such a great customer service atmosphere. But I think that’s the end goal. It’s just to make sure that I’m happy with what I’m doing and people are happy with what I’m doing as well.

Discover Your Own Beautiful Story

You deserve to discover your own Beautiful Story as well, no matter what you need to do so. That’s where Ogle School comes into play, helping you through the cosmetology program or the esthetics program, depending on what you’re interested in. You can request information today to start your journey toward a passion that you really love.

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Hi future beauty professional! We can’t wait to speak you. Fill out the form below and we’ll get you the information you need.
By submitting this form, I am providing my consent to be called, texted, and/or emailed by Ogle School at the number and/or email provided. This consent is not a condition of purchase.
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