Julie Thiele Is Finally Able to Pursue Beauty

Some people have a previous experience with the beauty industry but were unable to pursue their beauty passions at the time. This was, unfortunately, the case for Julie Thiele, who had wanted to try out beauty school but wasn’t able to find a great option until many years later, when she toured Ogle. Read on to find out more about Julie’s experience.

Julie Thiele’s Rediscovery

What made you realize you really loved cosmetology?

Back when I graduated high school, I went and toured a ton of different cosmetic schools and I didn’t find one that I liked. So, instead, I just jumped into business management in college and got a job. And it’s been a long time, so I got kind of tired of working for “the man” to feel safe. And I told my husband I just had to make a change. And we held on to each other, and I was like, “What do I want to do?” And the first thing that came to mind was cosmetology. So, I started looking at schools again. And we came in to work here. And that’s when I decided this was the time. This was my moment.

Why did you choose Ogle?

I chose Ogle, like I said, based on touring schools in the past. And then the tour that I took before I came here, you kind of even walk into a store and know if it’s your store, or if it’s somewhere you wouldn’t even shop. You can walk into a restaurant and kind of feel the same way. And I walked into Ogle and I had like that “Ahh!” moment. I was like, “I’m where I’m meant to be. This is where I’m meant to be.” Everything’s up to date, it’s welcoming when you walk in. I wanted a school where my friends, my family, and any client that I was going to be bringing in while I’m here would feel comfortable. And so that was my main thing when I came to Ogle. I feel comfortable here, so they should too.

Who’s part of your support system?

My husband, first off. He’s been amazing. He’s been really supportive. I’m still working, but he supports me. On days that maybe I’m a little bit tired or not really feeling like coming to school, he was like, “You probably should really go.” He’s been amazing.

And then my parents, and then my parents-in-law as well. They’re really awesome. They’ve been encouraging and pushing me to finish. I guess they see my talent, and so they really encouraged me to keep going and push on. And they’ve offered to help financially however they can. That’s my main support system, and I couldn’t do it without them.

What are your obstacles?

My main obstacles are time! There are only so many hours in the day to get things done. I have a home. I have a husband. So, at the end of the day, after I complete my workday, I get out of work and I have a long drive. I drive an hour and a half to school, so I mean, when I say “time,” there are lots of things that are kind of working against me.

When I get out of work, and get on the road, and drive up here, there are some days when I’m like, “Oh, I just have so much to do at home,” or whatever, but I know I want to do this. I know this is where I’m supposed to be, so I just push forward and keep going. So that’s really my main obstacle—time and just keeping myself motivated. And that falls back on my support system. They really do help encourage me and keep me going.

What are you passionate about?

The main thing that I’m passionate about is helping others to feel good about themselves. That’s really why I like the industry and why I want to get into it. My passion is led by making others feel good. When a client sits down in your chair, you turn into their psychiatrist in a way. They kind of just empty their whole life, everything that’s going on, while they’re sitting there. You can help them through obstacles while you’re making them look good. And if somebody looks good, they’re going to feel good about themselves.

That is the main reason why I am encouraged to get into cosmetology and the industry, just to help others feel good and be a support system for them when they need somebody to talk to. I want to have that bond with my clients and be the person that they come to when they want to feel better. Whether they just got done being sick or just having a hard time in life, they can come in, get their hair done, get their makeup done, whatever, and just feel good.

What would you give as advice to up-and-coming cosmetologists?

Chase your dreams. If it’s not today, it’s going to be in ten years, and you wasted ten years. I look back and I’m like, “Man, I could have a booming business and so many clients and have been doing what I love for the last ten years,” and I’m always kicking myself. So my main thing is to chase your dreams, do it, and make it happen because if you don’t think you can afford it now, you’re not going to afford it later. Or if you don’t have time, you’re not going to have any more time later. So just do it.

Discover Your Own Beautiful Story

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