3 Euphoria Makeup Looks Recreated

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euphoria makeup looks

3 Euphoria Makeup Looks Recreated

euphoria makeup looks

The show Euphoria is not lacking in statement-making beauty looks. The avant-garde, artistic eye applications have inspired a sea of beauty industry experts, including our Ogle team members. Learn how to recreate some of these bedazzled and celestial looks.

Euphoria Makeup Look One – Inspired by Rue

full euphoria-inspired look
Apply primer to lids

Step One: Apply primer to eyelids

Apply lilac shadow to lids

Step Two: Apply lilac shadow over the crease and around the outer corner of the eyelid using a kabuki-style brush.

Blend out to outer corner

Step Three: Swipe the lilac shadow from under the eye to the outer corner with a pencil brush.

apply reflective pigment

Step Four: Apply a pale blue reflective pigment around the eye and the cheekbone for a shimmery highlight, accentuating the eye and cheekbone.

use palette and palette mixer

Step Five: Here, we use a metal palette and palette mixer to blend hologram and fine blue glitter. Dip the flat synthetic brush into a makeup fixative medium and apply it to the skin area where the glitter design will be. Apply the glitter with a fine brush.

paint glitter under waterline

Step Six: Slowly paint a line under the eye’s waterline to the outer corner of the eye.

paint teardrops rolling down

Step Seven: Drag the brush down, creating a fine line suggestive of a tear running down from the eye. Reapply the fixative medium and glitter when needed.

add stars around eyes

Step Eight: Create a celestial design with adhesive and stars.

add mascara to finish the look

Step Nine: Finish the look with volumizing mascara.

Euphoria makeup final look

Euphoria Makeup Look Two – Inspired by Maddy

Completed makeup two look
Apply primer to lids

Step One: Using a flat synthetic brush, apply primer to the eyelids.

Apply fuchsia crease shadow

Step Two: Apply fuchsia crease shade on the outer corner of the eyelid using a flat brush. Blend out and above the crease.

Apply fuchsia shadow

Step Three: Apply fuchsia shade to the lower lash line and blend the outer corner.

Apply pale blue pigment

Step Four: Use an iridescent mirror pigment and apply it as a highlight around the eye, accentuating the cheekbone.

Apply hologram sequins around eye

Step Five: Select small rhinestones with a wax pencil and apply them around the eye using a skin adhesive. Outline the eye above the crease and just below the waterline.

Apply mascara to the lashes

Step Six: Finish with volumizing mascara.

makeup two final

Euphoria Makeup Look Three – Inspired by Jules

Before and After Look
Applying primer to third look

Step One: Apply primer.

Apply two complementary shades

Step Two: Use a clean kabuki brush and apply complementary colors—blue and orange—one on each side of the eye without mixing colors. Blend out the blue shadow around the tear duct and over the crease. Blend the orange shadow in and around the outer v shape of the eye. 

draw graphic line

Step Three: Mix a pink pigment with a liquid-fixative medium. Draw a fine graphic line over the crease and trailing off at the fold. Draw another line extending out from the tear duct.

Apply pigment with green undertones

Step Four: Highlight the fold of the eye and around the cheekbone using a white pigment with pale green undertones. Always use a clean brush with white pigments to avoid mixing colors unless it’s intentional.

Add mascara to finish look

Step Five: Complete the look with volumizing mascara.

euphoria makeup final look

All looks were created by Maiko and photographed by Aylen Diaz Fotografia. For more inspiration and tutorials, check out Ogle School’s latest trends page.

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