4 Different Chemical Treatments for Hair

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hair styles from chemical treatment

4 Different Chemical Treatments for Hair

understanding chemical hair treatments
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Chemical hair treatments are one of the reasons people might go to a salon for their hairstyling. Because chemical hair treatments literally change the chemical structure of your hair, they’re most effectively applied in a salon, as applying them incorrectly can permanently damage your hair. There are many different chemical treatments out there, and if you want to make sure you get a look you really love, it’s a good idea to know more about the different treatments. Here are four chemical treatments you may be able to get for your hair.

1. Chemical Relaxer

A good relaxer will remove around 85% of texture/curl. It’s typically aimed toward more tightly curled hair. Essentially, with a chemical relaxer, your stylist may use heat and chemicals to break down the disulfide bonds in the hair, then set the hair into a straight configuration and reset the bonds. Chemical relaxers are permanent and will last until your hair grows out. You can style your hair after using a chemical relaxer and be sure it goes back to being 85% straight. If you already have hair bleach or other hair treatments, talk to a stylist about it before choosing a chemical relaxer.

2. Hair Texturizer

A hair texturizer is essentially a lower-profile chemical relaxer. Most often, hair texturizers use the same chemicals as chemical relaxers but leave them on the hair for much less time. Relaxers typically stay on the hair for 15 to 25 minutes, but texturizers can be left on the hair for only around five minutes. These treatments keep many of your natural curls but may make it easier for you to manage very curly or frizzy hair.

3. Permanent Wave

Permanent waves, often known by their shortened term “perm,” are the opposite of a relaxer or texturizer. Instead of taking curly hair and making it straighter, a perm takes straight hair and makes it curlier. The term “perm” may invoke images of the 1980s, when gigantic, often damaged perms were much more common. However, today, you can get whatever curls you’re looking for, including everything from barrel rolls to more beachy waves.

4. Specialty and Design Perms

So-called “design wrap” services are a way to personalize a perm to your liking. Specialty wraps use non-traditional wrapping techniques and methods to give you a very custom look. Typically, specialty wraps are extremely individualized, so you’ll want to come into the salon and let the stylist know what look you’re trying for. From vintage curl styles to partial perms that only curl parts of the head, a specialty perm can help set you apart from the general crowd.


hair styles from chemical treatment
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A chemical treatment is one of the most important types of hair treatments to go to a salon for. Because the chemicals used in a chemical treatment are literally breaking down the amino acids in your hair, it’s not a good idea to try and do it on your own, as you run the risk of damaging your hair to the extent that you need to cut it off. That’s why going to a salon for chemical treatments is such a good idea.

If you’re looking for a great way to get these chemical treatments for your hair without having to pay too much money, it might be a good idea to check with an Ogle School clinical salon. At an Ogle School salon, you’ll get treatments from students, allowing them to improve their skills while also giving you an amazing look for less.

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