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4 Reasons to Consider a Clinical Salon for Your Waxing Appointment

benefits of clinical waxing salons
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There are many locations you can go to get waxing for different body hair on your body. If you’ve never considered a clinical salon, however, you may be missing out on one of the best options—clinical salons, which are salons staffed by cosmetology students and overseen by licensed cosmetologists. What are some of the best reasons to utilize a clinical salon for waxing? Here are four of the biggest reasons.

1. Access a Variety of Options

There are often a number of different options available at a clinical salon. While going to a waxing salon is the only way to ensure that all services are available, clinical salons often offer many of the same waxing options. This is especially true when it comes to areas that are a bit easier to wax, like eyebrows, underarms and upper lip. Many clinical salons offer these even if they don’t offer more difficult waxes, like full leg and bikini waxes.

2. Help Budding Estheticians Learn and Grow

One of the reasons people love clinical salons is because they allow you to be an active part of someone’s growth as an esthetician. In order to learn most effectively, estheticians and cosmetologists need to have the ability to practice on real people; there’s only so much you can learn on a mannequin, especially when it comes to waxing. Because you’re getting services from a student that’s being overseen by a licensed professional, you can relax while helping someone learn their skills on a real person.

3. Get Great Service

Clinical salons do not offer services that are less effective than dedicated waxing salons. Remember, even though the estheticians and cosmetologists working with you may be students, licensed professional are working with those students. They’re able to help these students correct their technique and give you the absolute best service. Many people enjoy the service they receive at clinical salons, and it’s one of the reasons these salons are so popular.

4. Pay Less Than Many Salons

Because clinical salons are staffed by students, they’re often priced significantly lower than you would pay for a general salon. The price you pay at a clinical salon will be discounted because these clinical salons want people to come in to help estheticians and cosmetologists with their fashion journey. The more clients available, the better these students can be when they end up moving into the real world of cosmetology and esthetics.

Prices at clinical salons also tend to vary pretty significantly, often depending on your end goal. You may, for example, be able to get a specific price if you’re getting a lot of areas waxed. When you make an appointment at an Ogle School clinical salon, you’ll get a consultation before the service, which will help ensure that you get the result you’re looking for and you know how much it will cost to achieve.


waxing treatment at clinical salon
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A clinical salon is a great choice for waxing for many individuals. It can allow you to help aspiring waxers with their practicing, get great service at a great price, and wax many areas on your body. No matter what you’re looking for with waxing, a clinical salon can help you reach that goal. Reach out to Ogle School’s clinical salon to find out when you can get a waxing appointment.

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