4 Ways to Use Gold Eyeshadow for Fall Bling

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gold eye shadow styles

4 Ways to Use Gold Eyeshadow for Fall Bling

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Gold is a great fall color. It helps balance out the dark colors you might otherwise see, like purple, burgundy, and dark red. Plus, it goes well with just about any color you might want to include in your fall looks. It just looks elegant and beautiful. As long as you know where and when to use it, it can be a great addition to your fall looks. Try these four makeup looks for a unique addition to your fall shadow.

1. Deep Gold and Maroon Smokey Eye

Gold and maroon are two colors that pair with each other incredibly well. The gold allows you to lighten up the deep, rich maroon, and combining them into a smokey eye is a great choice.

Start with a shimmery gold shadow, applying it to about the first third of your eyelid, starting from the inner corner. Run the maroon across the middle and most of the end of your lid, finishing off on the outer corner with a bit of burgundy or even a black color at the edge. Finish the look with a bold black liner.

2. Dramatic Gold and Glitter

If you really want to make your gold look bold and beautiful, consider adding some body-safe glitter. While a gold eyeshadow is a great starting point, they tend to be shimmery rather than glittery, and glitter is a great way to increase the gold appearance.

Use a traditional gold eyeshadow as your base, blending it out into a slightly darker shadow like a deep bronze for a smoky effect. Use a brush to add some diluted eyelash glue onto the lid, then use your finger to tap the glitter on and allow it to set. Finish with black liner and mascara to add a dark contrast to the glittery look.

3. Messy Gold-tinged Smokey Eye

The “I woke up like this” look is a great way to create a look that you’ll love. This messy smokey eye covers up all the imperfections by making them look intentional.

Apply a dark brown or black pencil liner thickly across your lash line, hooking upward at the point where you want the liner to end. Blend it in with a brush. Take a brown that’s slightly darker than your skin tone and apply it across your eyelid, blending it into the liner. Put a gold shadow across the lid and blend it outward, remembering to use quick, decisive strokes for the messy look. Then, use the same pencil on your lower water line. Quick messy waves are the best hairstyling addition to this eyeshadow look so you can really hit the ”party animal” vibes.

4. Brown-rimmed Gold

This low-effort look allows you to transition from a night out on the town to a romantic date night and anywhere in between.

Outline your eyeshadow with a dark brown pencil liner, drawing the line just slightly outside the edge of your natural crease. Smudge the edges of the liner out with a brush. Then, as though you were coloring “in the lines,” fill in the lid with a gold eyeshadow. Blend the gold into the brown, creating the perfect ombré. Add some understated eyeliner and a bit of mascara.


gold eye shadow styles
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Gold is one of the best colors to use if you’re trying to create a look that goes with you anywhere. And in the fall, it pairs perfectly with purples, reds, and browns, which tend to be incredibly common during this season. Plus, gold also works amazingly in your makeup cabinet year-round.

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