4 Ways to Use Gold Eyeshadow for Fall Bling

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As you move into fall, you’ll start seeing a variety of different colors popping up more frequently in makeup tutorials and looks in your general life. Whether it’s the person next to you or the beauty guru you love watching on YouTube, you’ll probably see purple, burgundy, dark red, and certainly metallics such as bronze and gold.

Gold is a beautiful color to bring into fall looks. It helps break up some of the darker colors such as purple and deep red and brings a bit of elegant flair to your entire outfit. However, you have to know where and when to use it. Here are four great ways you can work gold into your eyeshadow this fall.

1. Deep Gold and Maroon Smokey Eye

Gold and maroon go together beautifully, especially because maroon tends to be a deep, rich color. By starting with gold and transitioning into the maroon, you’ll be able to create a look that’s a bit lighter.

For this look, you’ll want to create a gradient across the eye. Take a shimmery gold shadow and apply it along roughly the first third of your eyelid, starting from the inner corner. Blend that into a deeper maroon color, running the maroon across nearly the rest of your lid. Then, finish it off with just a little bit of burgundy or even black across the very end. Finish with a bold black liner.

2. Dramatic Gold and Glitter

If you want to go big on the gold look, you should bring some actual glitter to the mix. Gold eyeshadows tend to be more shimmery than glittery, so adding some actual glitter will make you stand out. Just make sure you get body-safe glitter before starting.

Start with a traditional gold eyeshadow, which has shimmer but not glitter. You can blend it out a bit into a darker shadow, such as a deep bronze, for more of a smoky effect. Then, use your brush to dab on a little bit of diluted eyelash glue or even just water onto the actual lid. Use your finger to tap the glitter on. Don’t use a brush, or you may end up just smudging it around. Finish it off with some liner and mascara.

3. Messy Gold-tinged Smokey Eye

Sometimes, you want a look that says, “I just woke up, but I still look incredible,” and this messy smokey eye is the right way to do that.

Start with dark brown or black pencil liner. Apply it thickly all across your lash line, and then make a hook upward where you want the liner to end. Blend it in with a brush. Add a brown that’s just slightly darker than your skin tone to the rest of your eyelid, and remember to blend that with the brown liner. Then, add gold shadow to the entire lid, blending it outward. Use the same pencil along your lower lash and blend it a bit for a faux liner look. You can pair this with quick messy waves for a put-together look that exudes party animal vibes.

4. Brown-rimmed Gold

This is a good low-effort look that works well for anything from a night out on the town to a party with a few of your friends.

To start this one off, use a dark brown pencil liner to outline your shadow. Draw it along your natural crease, but make sure it extends past the end a little bit. Take a brush and smudge all the edges of the liner. Then, “fill in” the lid with your gold eyeshadow. Make sure you blend the gold into the brown well. Add some understated liner and a bit of mascara for a gentle shine that doesn’t overstay its welcome.


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Gold is a great color that goes with just about anything. It’s especially useful for the fall, because it pairs perfectly with the purple and red colors that dominate the season. However, it’s also a great option to keep in your makeup cabinet year-round.

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