5 Must-Try Supplies for Your Kit

As a makeup artist, new products and tools constantly enter the market with claims of performing near-miracles for you and your clients. It’s tempting to want to try them all, but eventually you’ll find your go-tos to get the job done in less time, with fewer steps and for better results. These five must-try supplies for your kit are staples that will stand the test of time.

Makeup Kit Must Haves

1. A Color Switch Tool

Popping up all over the industry, this tool — like the one from Vera Mona — takes your standard hand towel or wet wipe to a new level. Helping cut down on the number of brushes you need to purchase, color switch tools are perfect for quick-turnaround events like bridal parties and prom season. Of course, they’re not meant to deep clean and disinfect your brushes; they simply allow you to quickly dust off black eyeshadow or coral blush and immediately switch to a lighter champagne or soft pink shade while using the same brush, all with no interference.

2. An Alcohol-Based Brush Cleanser

Whether you swear by one top-performing brand or another, an alcohol- or ethanol-based brush cleanser will disinfect your brushes on the spot and dry in seconds in between clients. Many come in convenient travel sizes, but purchase the largest size available and decant to a mini spritzer bottle for cost efficiency.

As a friendly reminder, these alcohol-based cleansers should not replace a deep sudsing with some soap and water when your day is done because alcohol can be very drying on pricey brush hairs — particularly natural bristles. Additionally, alcohol could dissolve the glue within the ferrule and slowly loosen the bristles faster than desired.

3. Facial Mini Razors

By now, many of us have heard about these razors that some women use to shave their entire faces on a regular basis. While I’m not condoning or condemning that practice, this tool is extremely handy in beauty photography shots where close-ups are essential. Perfect for cleaning up above the brow, forehead, sideburn area, upper lip or chin, these mini razors are always in my kit and are extremely affordable.

4. A Petrolatum Balm

A superior multitasker that won’t irritate skin or clog pores, petrolatum balm will make your cosmetic application a little bit better. So many clients show up with extremely dry lips or dry patches on their faces, and this product is the first thing I’ll apply before other skin prep. It performs tiny miracles on chapped lips, perfects winged liner when applied on a pointed Q-tip and can be used to create awesome glow on eyelids, cheekbones, shoulders and collarbones for photos.

5. A (Superfine) Translucent Powder

Designed to work on any skin type or skin tone, a good uncolored translucent powder (typically silica-based) shouldn’t cost you more than $10 to $20, like the one from RCMA.

If you’re just starting to build your kit and haven’t added a powder foundation palette yet, you can start with something like this to set your cream and liquid products. It’s a true workhorse that won’t oxidize or exaggerate fine lines around the eyes or mouth, and gives a matte yet natural finish to oily or dry skins.

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