5 Ways Men Can Maintain Their Hair

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5 Ways Men Can Maintain Their Hair

5 Ways Men Can Maintain Their Hair

Best ways to maintain hair
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All too often, men don’t take the time or precautions necessary to maintain their hair. Many think that an annual cut and an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner will be enough to create thick, shiny hair. Yet men’s hair needs just as much commitment as women’s to stay healthy and full. From preventative measures to reactive steps, here are five ways men can keep their hair healthy long term.

1. Care for your scalp

Few men think to give their scalp some attention, but its health plays a large role in hair loss and appearance. If you notice a build-up of oil on your hair or flaky skin, it may be time to treat your scalp. Consider using a scalp mask that hydrates the area and relieves dandruff. Or try giving yourself a scalp massage that will encourage blood flow and nutrients to your roots for healthier locks. Treating your scalp may seem frivolous, but can have a surprising impact on the health and thickness of your hair.

2. Don’t overwash

One of the easiest and quickest ways men damage their hair is by taking overly-hot showers too frequently. Hot water can strip the oils from your strands and leave your hair dry and brittle, and showering too frequently can damage your follicles and cause hair loss. Instead, try to minimize showers to three-four times a week, turn the temperature to tepid, and use a restorative men’s dry shampoo on your off days. This will protect your hair from further damage and set you up for a confident look.

3. Treat hair loss

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Common health concerns for men include premature balding, receding hairlines and thinning hair. If you’re already experiencing these issues, it may be time to seek help while you can still prevent future loss. You can use a topical treatment that helps stop hair loss and encourages hair growth, or you can speak with your doctor about prescriptions that can treat the root cause of your balding. Then try eating foods with B-vitamins and iron, like salmon and leafy greens, to promote future growth.

4. Use the proper tools

Many men learn how to use styling tools from their mothers, sisters and girlfriends, but the best techniques for men and women can vary drastically. It’s important that men understand the specific needs for their type of hair and the potential damage that incorrect use of tools can cause. Consider investing in a high-quality hot air brush and comb to style your hair and an electric razor to trim your sideburns. These will make it easy for you to create the look you want without putting your hair through damaging trials.

Just keep in mind that if you’re using a heat-based styling tool like a hairdryer, keep it at a low setting and consistently move it around your hair to avoid damage. Additionally, don’t use a comb or brush on wet hair because it can easily rip follicles.

5. Don’t forget the beard

Last, but certainly not least, is facial hair, which needs some love too. Neglected beards can become dry, itchy and wild and distract from your overall look. Try to incorporate a beard conditioner and comb into your morning routine to not only feel confident before leaving the house but also to do some long-term maintenance on the softness and look of your beard.

Along with regular haircuts and a healthy diet, devoting just a few extra minutes a day to care can make a man’s hair healthier and fuller for years to come. Use these tips to personalize your own hair care routine and enjoy picture-perfect locks.


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