6 Deep, Rich Lipstick Colors to Add to Your Fall Looks

Best fall red lipstick colors
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Fall is the perfect time to break out those deep, rich red and purple lipsticks. Red is one of the most common colors when it comes to lipsticks, and its deep shades, which usually incorporate a little bit of blue to turn them slightly purple, come in a variety of colors. The question is, which color should you use?

The fact that there are so many red lipstick shades can often be more confusing than helpful, especially when you’re looking for a good fall lipstick. The good thing is that even small shade differences have their own colors, and using those color names can help you find just the right shade for your new fall palette.

1. Burgundy

This is easily one of the most common deep red lipstick colors. The color is a mix between red and brown, with just a little extra blue that lends it a slightly purple tone. It’s incredibly rich, often associated with elegant looks that want to make a statement. This tone probably isn’t something you want to pull out for a Tuesday morning, but come Saturday night, it’s the perfect way to spice up your look.

2. Maroon

Maroon is redder than burgundy, but has a little less of a neutral tone to it. Instead of red and brown, maroon uses primarily red and a little bit of violet. In fact, in RGB, it’s usually just a desaturated red. This is a great fall version of your bright red lipstick. It’s muted enough to meld with warm fall colors, but still provides a pop of color. You’ll probably want to make this color the centerpiece of your look; don’t try to match it with a bold eyeshadow.

3. Oxblood

This is a color that you’ve almost definitely come across, but you’ve probably never had a name for. It’s essentially a darker version of burgundy, utilizing more brown and purple to create a deeper tone. It’s a well-loved color in makeup and general fashion, which means that you’ve probably seen designers use it before. This color plays well with others; rather than being the center of attention, it tends to be a good lipstick for an overall fall creation.

4. Dark Crimson

When you think of crimson, you probably think of an incredibly bright red, like the lipstick color you’d see on a woman in a James Bond movie. However, when you create dark crimson, you’re actually adding a lot more purple, creating a dusky color that’s reminiscent of the last bits of a particularly dazzling sunset. Even looking around for crimson lipstick can often lead you to a darker color eventually.

5. Blackberry

Blackberry is very purple. It’s almost equal parts red and blue, although it does have a bit more red in it, making it feel a little warmer than some of its bluer counterparts. The red-purple lends it sort of a vampire style, which is the perfect fall look, especially as you start getting closer to Halloween. It’s not a color for the faint of heart, because it does make a serious statement, but if that’s your thing, go for it.

6. Blood Red

This is a complicated color. Like crimson, it’s associated both with a very rich, bright red and with more of a subdued, soft red. Although that bright red lipstick certainly has a bold air, it’s not usually a great pairing for fall palettes. Instead, seek out a darker blood-red lipstick, ideally one that leans toward brown shades. That way, it’ll pair well with a smoky eye or beige eyeshadow.


Best unique red lipstick shades
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These are a lot of shades of red and purple, and it’s easy to feel lost among them. Just remember to take inspiration from what’s happening around you. Fall is the perfect time for warm colors and cozy designs, so follow your heart. Even if you’re not sure of the exact name for your lipstick color, you should use it if you love it.

It can be difficult to distinguish between these colors when they’re so similar, which means that if you can do it easily, you should put that talent to work. With an Ogle School cosmetology degree, you can start working toward a career in the makeup industry, where you’ll be able to use that eye for design every day.

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