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9 Tips for Making Dry Hair Healthier

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Dry hair is a frustration many people experience, especially because both summer and winter can impact the ability of hair to hold moisture. If you’re currently dealing with dry hair, there are many ways you might be able to infuse some moisture back into it or avoid the hair getting to that point in the first place. Here are nine tips to consider.

1. Be Careful When You Apply Heat

Heat is one of the main reasons people experience dry hair. When you apply heat, you may want to invest in a heat protectant spray, turn down the heat, or consider non-heat ways to style your hair. Especially if your hair is already dry, reducing heat can help bring moisture back.

2. Choose a Shampoo Specifically for Dry Hair

Shampoo that’s not formulated specifically for dry hair can end up stripping oils and moisture from the hair over time, causing your hair to get drier. Pick up a shampoo that’s specifically for dry hair, as choosing a general shampoo can negatively impact your hair health.

3. Try Shampooing Less Frequently

People with dry hair often need to shampoo less than people without. If you currently wash your hair every day, consider moving to washing your hair two or three times per week, putting two or three days between washes. You might notice an immediate increase in moisture.

4. Make Sure Your Conditioner Is Up to Par

Conditioner is a crucial component of returning moisture back to your hair. Especially if you’ve started shampooing less frequently, make sure you still use conditioner. Consider picking up a conditioner specifically for dry hair as well.

5. Avoid Regularly Exposing Your Hair to Sun

Believe it or not, UV rays can actually impact hair in a similar way to the way it impacts skin. If you want to keep your hair healthy, either start using a UV-protecting hairspray or try wearing a hat or scarf regularly to keep the sun away.

6. Take a Break From Chemical Treatments and Colors

Chemical treatments and colors can make your hair look amazing, but they also strip your hair of moisture and protective oils. Unfortunately, you might need to go back to a more natural look for a little while as you try to increase the moisture in your hair. Once your hair is a bit healthier, you may be able to start using chemical treatments again.

7. Only Brush Dry Hair

It’s tempting to brush your hair as soon as you get out of the shower, but brushing wet hair can be a disaster. That’s because wet hair is more sensitive than dry hair, and if your hair is wet, brushing it may damage it. Avoid brushing your hair until it’s dry; only use a wide-toothed comb to detangle when wet.

8. Invest in Good Brushing and Combing Tools

A boar-bristle brush and a good wide-toothed comb are both tools you need to have if you’re hoping to be able to style your hair without damaging it. If you’re interested in keeping your hair as healthy as possible, you’re going to want to sink a little bit of money into this.

9. Get Tips From a Salon Stylist

Last but not least, it’s important that you talk to a salon stylist to get the best tips and tricks for infusing moisture back into your specific style of hair. Salon and spa services from Ogle School clinical salon can help you revitalize your hair and keep your hair looking healthy when you take care of it at home. If you’re currently having issues with dry hair, book an appointment and talk to your stylist about the problems you’re having.


adding life to dry hair
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Dry hair can be frustrating, but it’s certainly not a death sentence. With the right tools, anyone can have healthy, moisturized hair. You just need to know what to do to make sure your hair becomes healthy again. Use all of these tips, including going to a local salon, to bring life back into your hair, no matter how dry it might be.

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