Create swoop-effect with finger

An Easy Four-Step Guide to Mastering Baby Hairs

Fashioning flyaways into swirls with baby hair is a trend worth trying. Celebrity stylists are getting creative with designing their unique spin on the baby hair technique. Using a smaller brush is necessary to avoid breakage and finesse the hair into place. 

For a smooth finish, use a nourishing style cream to easily separate the baby hairs and comb in the direction you want. Learning how to skillfully style baby hair away from the hairline can be accomplished in four easy steps. 

First, you’ll need the essential tools to achieve the desired effect. 

Step One: Gently brush down baby hairs away from the hairline

Brush combing baby hair

Gently brush the baby hairs down and away from the hairline. Separate the strands creating fine, subtle swirls. 

Step Two: Use a styling gel

Apply styling gel into hair

For textured hair, apply Got2b gel to the baby hairs. Work the styling product into the hair, smoothing out any frizz or flyaways. 

Step Three: Use your fingers to create a swoop

Create swoop-effect with finger

Your fingers really do have the magic touch when subtly styling your baby hairs. While brushing your baby hair in the direction you want it to go, use your finger to press the hair down into position and help guide the hair into a swoop-like effect. 

Step Four: Wrap a satin scarf around the finished look

Wrap satin scarf around hair

Finish with a satin scarf to set the baby hair. Satin is a supreme material for minimizing split ends or breakage. As a bonus, it’s gentler on your skin when you sleep at night, too. You’ll level up your beauty game with this last step. A satin scarf will keep your hair looking polished and shiny without the use of extra hair products. 

If you feel confident that you can create the perfect baby hair for your mane, the styling options are endless. For a more creative effect, try playing with different size swirls. If you want a subtle, no-swoop-soft-downward effect, comb the hairs down and follow the same steps. Baby hairs aren’t limited to a sleek and slick look. Let your hair done or half down worn with baby hairs. The attention to detail to the style is truly a skill. The various effects can be cool, elegant or soften the whole look.  

Whether you’re fully leaning in to a natural textured hair look or you’re striving for a slick, all-polished updo, baby hairs will complement the style. 

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