An Explanation of the Stacked Bob

An Explanation of the Stacked Bob

what is a stacked bob?
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Hairstyles are constantly growing and changing. Every time you think you know the basics of hair styling, something new pops up, with a celebrity sporting something that most people have never seen before, and then it’s the talk of the town. One of the styles that’s become popular over the last few years is the stacked bob, with variations on the style becoming one of the most popular in 2019. However, with all the fuss over different hairstyles, this one may be a bit difficult to understand. What’s a stacked bob? How can you wear it? Here’s a quick guide to everything you want to know about stacked bobs.

What Is a Stacked Bob?

Essentially, a stacked bob, also called a graduated bob, is one that has layers stacked up at the back. It’s very short but layered; along the sides, the length gradually becomes longer until you reach the desired length in the front. That’s all you really need to call a style a stacked bob, but its simplicity has made it a favorite for people who don’t like to spend a lot of time on their hair. A stacked bob only requires layers in the back, which means there are a number of ways to do the front of the hair, and that allows you to show your creativity using a widely popular style.

With a stacked bob, you don’t have to do much styling, and that’s made it immensely popular for a variety of people. Even if you do love to style your hair in the morning, graduated bobs give you the option to pull a brush through your hair and go. It’s something that sets it apart from many other bob styles.

How Is a Stacked Bob Different from Other Bobs?

The thing that makes a stacked bob stand out is the layers in the back. You can have those layers hug very tightly to your head or lay against your neck a bit, and then determine how long you want it to be in front. It gives the hair a very gentle, sweeping look, and depending upon the length you choose for the front of the face, you can have a very distinct length difference or one that’s barely even noticeable.

There are tons of different types of bobs, and only the very slightest difference separates some styles. Stacked bobs definitely look different than the other types of bobs, but you can combine them with different bob hairstyles if you know how to do it. If you love the asymmetrical look, but you also want layers in the back, ask your stylist to do a graduated bob with asymmetrical sides. If you want the bangs of a traditional bob, but you still want the choppy layers of a stacked bob, ask for bangs on top of your graduated bob. It’s an endless sea of creativity, so don’t be afraid to run wild.

Who Should Get a Stacked Bob?

Because of its versatility, just about anyone can ask for a stacked bob. It works for all sorts of styles, hair textures, and even lengths, contributing to its popularity amongst all groups of people. Stacked lobs with short layers can even exist, with the longer front giving it an A-line feel that’s obvious, but not over the top. The length of the back is just as variable as the length of the front; you can go very short, or leave it nearly as long as the front.

Because you can style the front of a stacked bob in a variety of ways, there’s no specific face shape that should look toward this style; every face shape can take advantage of it. You just need to make sure you talk to your stylist about how you want to style the front to emphasize the best parts of your shape.


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The stacked bob is an incredibly popular look that isn’t going anywhere. Bobs have been around for over 100 years, and even though they look different than they did a century ago, they’re still around and kicking. If you’re interested in getting a stacked bob, make an appointment at an Ogle School salon near you. A stylist can help match the stacked bob perfectly to your style, hair type, and face shape.

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