The Different Bang Styles and Why You Should Leave it to a Professional

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The Different Bang Styles and Why You Should Leave it to a Professional

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Virtually all of us have had the impulse to cut our hair or, slightly worse, our bangs. Whether you have an upcoming event and can’t schedule an appointment or have a sudden urge to have short bangs, the best thing you can do is wait it out for an appointment with a professional. When you take the shears in your own hands to cut your bangs, you’re risking the result of unintentionally blunt, too short, uneven, or thick bangs. Some seasoned hairstylists even recruit the help of a professional stylist. 

Your hairstylist can consult you on the best style that works for your face.

Here are some things to consider before committing to bangs.

What Type of Hair Texture do You Have

Is your hair curly, thin, or wispy? Do you have cowlicks? The answers to these questions should help you determine what type of bangs would be ideal. 

Cowlicks work well with side-swept bangs. The length, weight, and natural way this style falls to the side can help conceal cowlicks or elevate the look of the side-swept style.

Natural curls embrace all stubborn cowlicks, even those residing in the front hairline. If you have cowlicks, then feel free to sport curly hair and bangs; it will only add to the character and the natural way your hair falls. Long tousled hair will help camouflage any unruly cowlicks. The weight of long hair will weigh your cowlick down a bit, while the cowlick will give the top part of your hair some volume. 

If you have thin hair that is also cowlick-free, then you might enjoy the more distinctive curtain bangs where your bangs are shorter in the center and gradually get longer on the sides closest to your temple. This style is a soft and feminine look best achieved in seasoned hands. 

Wispy, feathered bangs look flattering and natural with thin, straight hair. Whether you’re getting a shag, a mullet, a bob, a lob, or long layers, always opt to have a hairstylist cut your bangs to properly blend them into your whole look, like the model channeling Brigitte Bardot below. 

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Razor-cut bangs give your hair a soft, feathered look that grows out well. Razor-cut bangs should be left to a professional since you can leave little room for error if you accidentally cut your bangs too short. 

There’s always maintenance involved with cutting your bangs. You’ll need a trim every two to three weeks, and the good news is if you initially get your bangs done with stylists, chances are they will give you a complimentary trim between cuts.  

Find your new stylist at Ogle School. Our students want to hear about what you want from a haircut, and each stylist provides a great experience at affordable prices. Our salon is open from 9am to 9pm Monday through Friday. Schedule your appointment today. 


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