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Fall is just around the corner, and as the trees change color, so should your go-to makeup looks. Creating a few fall makeup looks isn’t as difficult as it may sound, and it’s a great way to complement some of the colors you tend to wear and be around during the fall months. However, if you’re still trying to get the hang of just one makeup look, creating something special for fall can seem like a difficult task. Not to worry; a few tips can help you make your makeup look more fall appropriate, even if you’re not a makeup guru. Combine a few of these tips, or use only one for a fall-themed tint.

Use the Right Base Fall Colors

Fall is all about mixing warm and cool colors. As the warm colors associated with fall move into the cooler colors associated with winter, you’ll find a huge variety of colors hanging around. Determine your skin tone, and you’ll get a better idea of whether you should go with summertime warmth or wintertime cool.

Warm fall colors include orange, especially deeper orange, and muted yellow. Cool fall colors are mostly centered on purple, which can be tinted a bit red or blue depending upon the situation. Moreover, you can never go wrong with some neutral brown colors to go right down the middle.

Try a Berry Lipstick

Those purple colors scream “fall,” and there’s no better way to incorporate purple into your makeup than with berry lipstick. Makeup stores are full of berry lipsticks, so there’s no shortage of colors to try. Steer a little more toward blue tints if you have a cool skin tone and a little more toward red if you have a warm one.

Determine a Color Palette That Complements Your Colors

Consider more than your skin tone when you’re trying to figure out a makeup look. Three other important colors are your eyes, hair, and wardrobe.

If you have brown hair and eyes, congratulations, you’re going to fit right into any fall palette you choose. Brown is a common fall color, and it works well with orange or purple, the most common fall colors aside from brown. If your eyes are blue or green, or your lovely locks are blonde, black, or an eye-catching dye color, you can still create fall looks. Test out those colors alongside your hair and eyes first. Lastly, make sure you choose fall-themed clothes that work well with your makeup.

Use Highlighter to Contrast Deep Fall Colors

Most of the colors you’ll probably be using to create a fall look will be dark. Berry purple, burnt orange, and rich mahogany are all common fall colors, but they’re very dark. To make sure you’re not lost in those deep colors, make sure you don’t skip highlighter. Use it under your eyebrows and on your cupid’s bow for a standout look.

Do Your Makeup in Natural Light

With the warmth of natural fall light, your makeup will look different than it will under the harsh lights in your bathroom. For the best look, apply your makeup in as much natural light as possible. At the very least, bring a makeup mirror into your dining room and check how your makeup performs in the sun.


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It’s not that hard to cook up a beautiful face of fall makeup. Take the natural makeup you’ve learned how to do and try out these tips to nudge it into fall territory. Even beginners can benefit from a fall tint.

Although these beginner tips are great for an everyday look, don’t try to go your own way if there’s something important on the line. Whether it’s a wedding, a family reunion, or any other important fall event, get a professional from Ogle School to do your makeup instead. Book an appointment at your nearest Ogle School salon and get the perfect look.

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