Beverly Speller: Beautiful Stories

Why Ogle?

The instructors are great. They take the time to show you the love, and to show you. Then it takes a lot of the stress and tension off of you. Which I’ve been doing hair awhile, but professionally, and being a part of the team is just great, it’s great. I learned a lot. They got me where I am today. More confident, oh I’m doing a lot more now.

How did you hear about Ogle?

On the T.V. in this commercial, Ogle School, I was like I’ve always done, I’ve been to beauty school before, but let’s try Ogle. They just kept coming on. I’m like okay Ogle already, so I called and came to administrations, and I actually said okay, let’s do this. Charlotte over in administration, she is great, she helped me out a lot.

What advice would you give someone that may be looking to pursue a career in this industry?

To be honest, being creative and having that passion of doing hair it’s gotta be, because if you’re just trying to do something to pass time it’s not going to work. You have to have that passion for doing hair. If you do, I say go to school, because they can enhance it, and bring it out. It just would be great. It would help them find their selves, the creativity part of them, because it did me. I was kind of old school, but the new trends, and the new things that’s coming out, it would be great.

Can you recall a client that you feel had a significant impact on?

Yes, you’re smart. She’s a trendy lady, and she had been going through some down times, or something, so she hadn’t been coming as frequent as she did. When she finally came back one day I was like, this is not you, let’s just fix your hair. Let’s completely change your hair. Let’s change your look, and get you back in the play of things. Of course, I chopped and did whatever. She was taking the chance on me. By the time we got through she was… really she was crying. She was like, “Now I feel so much better I’m going shopping,” back to her normal self. That was the biggest thing I helped her get out of that mold she was in, whatever it may have been, by a transformation of her hair, so that was great.

Did anything about your schooling surprise you or catch you off guard?

Nothing was too shocking. I’ve always done this. I’ve tried to go to school before, so I’ve been a part of it. Nothing shocked me. The color, color shocked me, that it went from being this all over one color, or maybe a couple highlights, to maybe a pink, purple, and like oh my God you kids are going crazy. It’s a trending thing, and times do change. It’s a whole new generation, so yeah color, yeah.

What do you find to be most rewarding?

Most rewarding thing to me is that building these relationships with your clients, and people. It’s a big impact on my life also. I meet new friends, and be amongst the society of moving around, still by being behind the chair you learn a lot of good stuff. That was the biggest thing for me.

What advice would you give another student how to market themselves?

Don’t be shy to talk. You’ve basically selling yourself. If a person will take a chance to get in your seat, express yourself.

What are you doing now?

Since I’ve graduated I’ve looked into a couple places to lease, which is going fabulous. I’m just waiting to take my practical and be on my way.


Everyone has a story.

This was Beverly’s.

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