Can Updos Damage Your Hair?

There are a lot of discussions about updos and whether or not they will damage the hair or even the health of the person wearing the updo (because of tightness on the scalp). But an upstyle or updo is as unique as the stylist. There are many methods & techniques that can be simple or very detailed and intricate.

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There should be no risk of damage, but if there is damage, it would be because of the method and tools used. It is not the updo that causes damage, rather the improper use of tools or not using products for their specific purpose.

For example:

  • Using pins without the protective tip can cause breakage when pushed into place.
  • Rubber bands instead of hair ties will stress the hair.
  • High temperature on a flat iron or curling will cause damage.
  • Using a firm hold hairspray without heat protection then applying a hot tool to the hair will cause damage.
  • Setting the hair with hard-hold gel then bending the hair can also cause stress.
  • Harsh backcombing and brushing out tangled hair during the updo process.
  • Braiding that is too tight can also cause damage to the scalp.

I worked a bridal photo shoot as a makeup artist and the bride fainted during the shoot. She rescheduled her shoot and begged me to do her hair.

The hairstylist had her updo so tight that it pulled her hair from the scalp. The pins were poking the scalp and gave her a severe migraine. This experience allowed me to gain a loyal client.

The foundation of an updo is just as important as the uniqueness of the style and stylist.

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