Career Profile – Salon Manager

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Career Profile – Salon Manager

Do you dream of managing a salon? Find out what it takes!

salon-manager-post Completing your beauty education can lead to many rewarding career opportunities.

If you have a combination of creative talent and business skills, a career as a salon manager might be right for you. Managing a salon can be both personally and financially rewarding!

Salon managers oversee daily operations, lead and manage staff, work with suppliers and other business contacts, and help manage the finances and long term business plans for a salon. If you are interested in a management career, here are some tips to help you on your way!

1. Get the right education. Complete an accredited program and become a licensed professional. Look for a program that provides business training in addition to the basic skills needed to pass your state boards.

2. Gain experience. Most salon managers first gain experience working behind the chair in a salon. Working with clients will help prospective managers learn how to meet customer demands, grow their business, set a realistic schedule and market additional products and services.

3. Learn to communicate. As a manger, you’ll need to communicate successfully with your staff, your customers, and your vendors. Hone your listening and communication skills so you’ll be able to work with a diverse group of personalities in a positive way.

4. Go above and beyond. Want to move into management? Show your boss you’ve got what it takes by going above and beyond your basic responsibilities. Share your ideas and your willingness to learn more about the business side of the salon. Your efforts will pay off!

5. Find a mentor. An experienced manager can help you learn the ropes. Find someone in your life that you admire, personally and professionally, and learn everything you can. A great mentor can make all the difference.

6. Stay focused on your goal. To become a manager, you’ll need to stay focused on your goal. Make your career a priority and don’t give up!

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