Master the Reverse Cat Eye Makeup Trend

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Full makeup and reverse cat-eye

Master the Reverse Cat Eye Makeup Trend

The reverse cat eye is a sultry and popular trend and may be easier to master than the classic cat eye. You can achieve it with a dark shadow for a subtle effect or add drama by paying tribute to a Cleopatra-influenced aesthetic renowned for its theatrical flair. This tutorial will walk you through each step of creating an eye-elongating reverse cat eye.

before and after look

Before and after: The reverse cat eye emphasizes and elongates the eyes with a subtle nude brown lip shade and light foundation.

Use light primer over lids

Prep with primer: Prime the eyes with a light shade using a flat brush. The primer will help the makeup go on smoother and last longer.

Cover the lids with a nude shadow

Apply nude eyeshadow: Use a flat brush to apply a nude shade, sweeping the entire eyelid.

Gel eyeliner and diluent

Use gel eyeliner blended with a diluent: We’re using a 00 or 000 professional fine-tipped brush and black gel eyeliner for this tutorial. Add a silicone-based diluent to the gel eyeliner to achieve fluidity and a long-lasting look.

Draw fine lines at corners

Drawing fine guidelines: Draw an upward flick of a line at the corner of the upper lid using the brush. Draw a fine downward line by the inner corner of the eye near the tear duct. The key to a precise and clean-looking graphic liner is being light-handed and intentional when applying. Practice will also improve your reverse cat eye.

Connect line to guidelines

Draw line under lash line: Carefully draw a line under the lash line underlining the eye, connecting to each guideline.

Line the waterline

Line the waterline using a clean or new powder puff pad to support the hand for a smooth application. The powder puff pad will prevent any smudges.

Seal the eyeliner with eyeshadow

Seal the eyeliner: Using an angled, beveled brush, shade the outline with black eyeshadow.

Blend the shadow under eye

Blend the shadow over the eyeliner: Use a pencil brush to blend the shadow, gently dragging the brush under the waterline. Avoid buffing out the edges (guidelines); this will keep the reverse cat eye effect defined and graphic-looking.

Apply light shade to corners

To enhance the look of the lines in each corner, use a small straight brush to apply a light eyeshadow, using white or a bright champagne shade.

Add mascara to complete look

Finish with mascara: Apply mascara to complete the look.

Full makeup and reverse cat-eye

The finished look will be stunning. Makeup by Maiko and photography by Aylen Ile Diaz.

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