CBS News Report: Does 4 Year College Make Sense?

Posted on - Monday April 29, 2013

Students like Rebecca Bradley are choosing cosmetology instead!

Excerpts from CBS News Article

Rebecca Bradley planned on becoming a teacher. But, after taking a look at the facts, she enrolled in cosmetology school instead. And she is loving it.

Rebecca is one of a growing number of students around the country who are choosing vocational training over traditional four year colleges.

According to the report, a Rutgers University study found that almost half of college grads since 2006 have not found a full time job.

When CBS news asked Rebecca if she made the right decision, she said, “I’m confident I’ll be employed. I think I’ll be better off in the end.”

A lesson of the great recession for many graduates is job security may be worth more than spending four years in college.

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Jeff Chiarelli

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