Christiana Denegall: Beautiful Stories

I’ve always been an artist. I would draw, like, pencil and watercolor when I was growing up, and I loved it, and I was very intrigued by, like, fashion illustration. And as I got older, I got more into the performing side of it, like singing and musical theater. And I just loved being a part of the arts and the creative process, and I knew I didn’t want to do anything as a career that I wasn’t passionate about. When I got to college age, I was kind of working my way through community college, and then just working, and felt really depleted. I started doing hair and makeup for my younger sister, and I realized how much I enjoyed it, so I started researching it, and I got such a creative high off of it. People would leave so happy once I finished styling their hair and doing their makeup. I was, like, “This is a creative field I can make some money in, and have a real, true career from”, so I was…I chose Cosmetology.

What is the most rewarding aspect of this industry?

I really want each client that leaves my chair to leave feeling like a lighter, lifted, more beautiful version of themselves than when they came into my chair. ‘Cause a lot of women, when they come in, like, to get their hair done, they’re in their sweats and they’re kind of hiding, and they don’t want anybody anywhere near social media to see them. And there’s also normally a lot of other stuff in life kinda dragging them down. And I’m not a real psychiatrist, but I can, you know, give ‘em a massage, and I can relax them, and they can pivot around and see themselves in the mirror, and feel beautiful, and I love giving them that feeling. I love that rush.

What obstacles did you face during your schooling?

A lot. Many, several things. Well, for me…I have been working the whole time I was in school, and I was doing two jobs while I was here full-time during the day. So…and even though I was doing that, money was still very tight. So even just, like, getting the gas to come to school and make sure everything was covered. ‘Cause you’re here, like, 40 hours a week, but you’re not getting paid like you’re doing something for 40 hours a week, so that was very difficult for me. I had a lot of car issues, and that’s the way that you’re gonna get here. That needs to be reliable. I had different things in my personal life, like, I’m engaged, so I’ve been planning a wedding, and working two jobs, and going to school 40 hours a week! So, it’s been a lot of things all at once, and trying to stay focused. I also have rheumatoid arthritis, so keeping up with that schedule while having something going on inside your body that’s slowing you down, you can’t get past without pushing, has been very, very draining. So I’m ready for my two weeks to be finished and take a nap, and then don’t stop until I get where I wanna be in my career. Just, like, a week of peace. That’s all I need.

What advice would you offer fellow students?

I would say that the thing that helped me the most to get through my time at school, when it was difficult, was that I had a very, very clear goal in mind of what I wanted to complete. I was, like, I wanted to leave here being a great colorist. I wanted to leave here being the person who could give the best blowout in the school. Like, I had the clear goal of, “This is what I wanna do with my life, and I wanna make the most of it while I’m here.”

How did you hear about Ogle?

I work for…right now, for a company called Lush Cosmetics, and the trainer there is an incredibly talented aesthetician, and she was the person who did my training at my job. And when I started to become curious about the beauty industry, I asked her if she had any schools she would recommend, and I didn’t even finish the sentence before she went, “Ogle! Ogle! Go to Ogle! You have to come to Ogle! I went the one on Mockingbird and Abrams! Go to Ogle.” Like, that was it. And I tried to ask her about other schools, and she just shut ‘em down. She was, like, “Ogle”. “Ogle”. So I had to come see the place that she was so infectiously excited about. And I came here, and I met the admissions counselors, and they cared so much, and I loved that, so…this is the first school I toured, and it’s the school I chose, and the one I’m gonna graduate from. So…

Everyone has a story.

This is Christiana’s.

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