Clinical Salons: The Best Place To Get Beauty Treatments

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beauty treatment at clinical salon

Clinical Salons: The Best Place To Get Beauty Treatments

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Beauty treatments are a great way to look exactly how you want to look. Many people utilize beauty treatments at least every few months, and more and more commonly, people aren’t considering these purchases frivolous. Instead, they’re an important part of the monthly budget. If you’re interested in getting these beauty treatments at a better price while maintaining the same quality, here’s what you need to know.

Types of Treatments at a Clinical Salon

What types of treatments are actually available through a clinical salon? There is a wide variety you can utilize. At the Ogle School clinical salon, you’ll find these six types of salon treatments.

  • Texturizing Treatments

Chemical texturizing treatments may include perms, chemical relaxers and smoothing treatments. They’re all ways you can chemically change the texture of your hair. These things can be dangerous to do on your own, which is why it’s important to opt for a salon texturizing treatment instead.

  • Hair and Scalp Treatments

This extremely broad term refers to a variety of treatments that may benefit your hair and scalp health. That may include clarifying treatments, reconditioning treatments and intensive treatments. Talk to your cosmetologist about whether your scalp may benefit from one of these treatments.

  • Skin Care and Esthetics

Ogle School offers a number of Dermatologic® treatments to help with your facial health. Additionally, you can get services centered around your eyelashes and facial skin, as well as makeup services if you want to ensure your makeup looks incredible for a specific event.

  • Waxing

If you’re looking for waxing services, Ogle School is a great option. You can get waxing for most areas of your body, including lip, chin, neck, cheek, brow, lower arm, underarm, tummy, full arm, lower leg, full leg, bikini, back and chest. All of these areas are available for waxing with a student, with different waxing types in different price tiers depending on difficulty.

  • Haircutting and Styling

General haircutting and styling are available at the clinical salon. This includes a shampoo and conditioning rinse and also includes neck and beard trims. You can also get a consultation for braids, which will depend on the length and coarseness of your hair.

  • Hair Coloring

Lastly, you can also have a student color your hair. This allows for anything from the beginning of the process to touch-ups afterward, including partial highlights, full highlights, corrective color, full-color application, and more. There is an extra charge for additional color products. All hair coloring also includes shampoo, conditioning rinse, and a blow dry style.

Reasons To Visit a Clinical Salon

What makes a clinical salon such a great choice overall? There are three things that keep steering people toward clinical salons, even now.

  • Helping Students Learn

Many people love clinical salons because they really help students learn for their careers. Mannequins are helpful, but they’re not as helpful as working on actual humans. When students work on you, they’ll be learning important skills for their job.

  • Getting a Great Result

Because the students are always supervised by licensed cosmetologists and estheticians, you can always be certain you’re getting the same great result you would get if you went to a more traditional salon. You never have to worry about a negative result from your clinical salon visit.

  • Spending Less Money

Lastly, the prices at a clinical salon are often much better than the prices at a traditional salon. If you really love beauty treatments but you’re trying to cut back on spending, a clinical salon can help you get the same treatments at a better price.


beauty treatment at clinical salon
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At the end of the day, there’s no denying that a clinical salon is a great choice for many individuals. No matter what type of cosmetology or esthetics treatment you’re interested in, a clinical salon can help you achieve it most effectively. If you’re thinking about your next beauty treatment, contact an Ogle School clinical salon to make an appointment and get your next treatment.

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