How to Achieve a Comic Pop Art Makeup Look

Bring back your childhood or explore your fascination with Andy Warhol’s work with a pop art makeup look this Halloween! This costume look is perfect for adults and kids alike and allows you to be the artist with plenty of freedom to customize your look. Get creative and shake up your pop art/comic book makeup with customization that fits your face shape, mood, and color preferences. Let us show you how using The Pop Art Gal Kit form Kryolan!

What You’ll Need:

  • Face primer
  • Foundation (medium-to-full coverage)
  • Cream color face paint in black, red, aqua, white and blue (feel free to customize colors)
  • 1 small chisel brush
  • 1 small eyeliner brush
  • 1 lip brush
  • Hair color spray (color of your choice)
  • Wig
  • Dramatic false lashes

Step 1 |  The Base & Foundation

Prior to applying complexion makeup, apply primer to the face and neck as makeup will be applied to both areas. Blend a medium to full coverage foundation out by using a damp blending sponge. Eye and lip primers may be used as well.


Step 2 | Draw Contour Lines

Treat your face like a canvas and make yourself look animated! Begin by “drawing” contour lines using a small chisel brush and black cream color paint. Completely fill in the brows and outline the nose, chin, eyes and jawline. Contour may even be extended from the jawline to the neck creating a shadow.


Step 3 | Create Animated Red Lips

Use a lip brush to fill the lips in with a bright red cream color as the base. Create the illusion of light reflection with white cream color, then outline the lips and create lines with black cream color. Lip color can be customized to fit the overall look you are trying to achieve.


Step 4 | Pop of Eye Color

Give the eyes a vibrant burst of color with aqua cream color. Eye color can also be customized. Try other colors such as bright pinks and purples.


Step 5 | Winged Eye Liner

One of my personal favorite parts about female comic book characters was the winged eye liner. Perhaps that is why it is one of my go-to looks! Use the black cream liner and a eyeliner brush to create a wing and line the lower lash-line. Continue by contouring in the crease of the other eye.


Step 6 | Show Emotion with Tears

Exaggerated emotions were always exciting and jumped right off of the comic book pages! Whether it is sadness and anger or happiness and joy, let them show. Get creative with your emotions by adding expressions such as tears or additional contour lines.

For tears, use the blue cream color to create the base. Next, use white cream color to create light reflection on the tears (not shown) and outline with black cream color.


Step 7 | Vibrant Pop Art Dots

Make yourself look like a character straight from the pages of a comic book with vibrant red pop art dots that go “POW!” With an eyeliner brush, create tiny pea-sized dots on desired areas of the face and neck. Popular areas are on a portion of the forehead, near the ear/hairline, along the jawline and extended to the neck opposite of the contour shadowing created earlier in the process.


Step 8 | Add a Bold-Colored Wig

The look I created with yellow color hair spray is a “classic” pop art look, so think of Betty from Archie or Marilyn Monroe with bold and bright blonde hair. You may spray your own hair or choose a wig that best fits the look you would like to achieve. Spray the entire wig until completely colored and let it sit to dry for approximately 45 minutes to an hour before installing.

Also add dramatic lashes to your look for length and volume.


Watch the full tutorial for this look on our YouTube channel!

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