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COVID-19 Lockdown Tips: How to Trim Your Own Bangs

Cutting hair properly at home
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As the COVID-19 lockdown becomes more of a reality for people across the world, more salons and hairstyling businesses are closing down, whether out of respect for patients or respect for the law. However, if you have bangs, that means you might start to see your bangs grow out more and more. How can you keep them at the right length without a stylist? Here’s how you can cut your own bangs, at least for the time being.

Use Cutting Shears If Possible

You don’t want to use nail clippers, cuticle trimmers, kitchen scissors or plain old paper scissors for this job. They’re just going to be too dull, and it’s likely that you’ll end up with uneven bangs. If you’re able to, use haircutting shears. You can purchase haircutting shears online — ideally from a small business — without having to worry about spreading COVID-19.

Create Your “Bang Triangle”

The “bang triangle” is how you’re going to know what hair to cut. Make a point at the very top of your head where it starts to slope toward the front. Starting from that point, use a wide-toothed comb to make a triangle-shaped opening toward the front of your head, encompassing all of your bangs. This way, you can cut all your bangs at once.

Determine Your Bang Length

Now you’re going to determine how long you want your bangs to be. Take all your bangs between your first and middle finger, sliding your fingers down near to the end of your bangs. If you’re not quite sure how long you’re interested in keeping your bangs, pull your fingers down farther rather than closer. You can always continue to trim your bangs more if you realize they’re still too long.

Cut Diagonally From the Top Down

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. Flip your hand so the edges of your bangs are facing upwards, then cut down into them. Don’t cut directly across; it’ll end up looking awkward. Instead, cut down and to the side, aiming for an angle that’s not quite 45 degrees. This is called “point cutting,” and it makes sure your bang edges look cute and messy, rather than overly planned.

Look at Yourself Regularly

You’re not going to know what you look like unless you take the time to look at yourself in the mirror as you do it. The very first time you trim your bangs, make sure you look at yourself as often as you can. If that means taking a look after every four or five snips, that’s absolutely fine. As you get more practice, you’ll get better at it, which will make your bang-cutting experience a little easier.

BONUS: How to Cut Your Partner’s Hair

Once you’ve gotten good at this process, consider cutting your partner’s bangs as well. This can be a great way to bond during a time that can be very difficult for many couples, especially couples that don’t typically spend this much time together. Remember to stay safe. If you or your partner need to stay quarantined because of potential symptoms, don’t break quarantine just to trim your partner’s bangs.


Trimming bangs properly at home

Right now, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to go back to the salon anytime soon. Unfortunately, COVID-19 means this new trend of doing your own hair might be semi-permanent. Until things start loosening up, it’s a good idea to get good at doing your own hair. Who knows? You might find out you love styling enough to talk to Ogle School about going through the cosmetology program.

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