Profile of finished look

Create a Dutch Braid with a Twist Following this Tutorial

Learn to Dutch braid your hair with these simple steps.

Before and after

Style your hair for any occasion with a Dutch braid/wrap-around ponytail. Styled by Filosofia Peluqueria. Photographed by Aylen Ile Diaz.

Finished look without curls

The hair’s initial preparation will depend on the style you want to achieve: straight ironed hair, curly locks or au natural.

Curl hair with curling iron

Start by detangling your hair and spraying lacquer on the crown of the hair. If you want full curls, use your curling iron first before braiding.

Comb and spray hair

Gently comb curls until hair is left with soft curls and prepare the hair with holding lacquer.

Separate hair half up and half down

Separate the top half of the hair and the bottom half and clip the bottom portion of the hair.

Apply shiny hair wax

Apply a dime-size amount of shiny hair wax to dry, sectioned-off hair for a sleek look and lasting hold.

Separate three even sections

Separate the top half of hair into three even sections to begin braiding. Take the left lock of hair, passing under the middle lock toward the right direction.

Right and left under middle

Repeat the pattern on the right side, taking the right lock under the middle. As you complete the “left under the middle, right under the middle” design, you will add a bit of hair pulling from the bottom half of the hair from the side you left off.  

Continue braiding until complete

Continue this method until you’ve reached the lower part of the crown of the head region, then braid the hair without pulling from the lower section until it is complete.

Loosen braid with fingers

Before tying hair, gently loosen the braid using your fingers, beginning at the top and working your way down to the end of the braid. 

Gather hair into ponytail

Gather the braid and the remaining bottom half of the loose hair into a ponytail.

Tie hair with rubber band

Use a small elastic band that closely matches your hair color to secure the hair.

Wrap braid around ponytail

Take the braided part of the hair and wrap it under and over the ponytail, securing the top part of the braid with a bobby pin.

Secure braid with bobby pins

Continue wrapping the braid around the ponytail and securing each section with bobby pins until complete

Use hairspray to finish style

Finish the hair with a flexible hair spray.

Profile of finished look

Profile of the finished style, fit for a queen! 

Braiding hair is finding a flow of weaving the hair in the left-under-middle-right-under-middle pattern. Once you have mastered the braid, you can start to finesse the style with curls and wrap around ponytails. 

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