Debunking 7 Hair Care Myths

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Debunking 7 Hair Care Myths

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Most people have heard something about hair care over the years, but how can you be sure whether you’re hearing something truthful or just a common myth? There are many pieces of misinformation that you may have believed over the years, and if you just believe all of them, you might actually damage your hair. Here’s the real scoop on seven hair care myths.

1. Fine Hair Doesn’t Need Conditioner

Fine hair is notably silkier than coarse or thick hair, which means you may have heard that it doesn’t need conditioner. However, conditioner does more than just keep your hair from tangling. It also improves lift, volume, and shine overall. Make sure you have the right conditioner and use it on fine hair to avoid dullness and a lackluster appearance.

2. More Brushing Is Inherently Better

Just brushing your hair over and over again won’t necessarily benefit your hair. While regular brushing can be helpful for many types of hair to distribute the natural oils, you don’t need to brush all hair again and again throughout the day. For many types of hair, it’s enough simply to brush your hair enough to detangle it.

3. Coloring Your Hair Is Unhealthy

It is true that if you color your hair very regularly with very harsh treatments and don’t take care of the hair in between treatments, you can end up with dry, brittle locks. However, with the right stylist and a great at-home treatment regimen, you can keep your hair looking gorgeous and healthy even if you dye it very regularly.

4. You Should Rinse Thoroughly After Conditioning

It can seem like second nature to rinse everything out of your hair before you get out of the shower, but not so fast. You should keep a little bit of conditioner in your hair so that it keeps your hair soft and silky throughout the day. It’s still good to rinse out the majority of the product, but your hair should still feel silky when you shut the water off.

5. Cutting Your Hair Makes It Grow Faster

Regular trims are important for keeping your hair healthy, and when your hair looks healthier, it may also look longer. This may be the reasoning behind this myth, but cutting your hair has no impact on how fast your hair grows, as haircuts focus only on the dead ends of the hair.

6. Oily Hair Needs Daily Washing

If you have oily hair, you might have more buildup on your scalp, which may lead you to think you need to wash it more frequently. However, stripping the hair of its natural oils can cause your scalp to produce more oil, which can make the problem worse. Wash oily hair every few days and treat it with products to help avoid oily skin.

7. You Need to Switch Shampoos Every So Often

The idea behind this myth is that your scalp will “get used” to the shampoo, so you should switch shampoos to avoid it. This isn’t the case. If you find a great shampoo that works well for you, it’s important to stick with that shampoo. It’s much better for your hair than trying to hop back and forth between different shampoos.


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The simplest ways to take care of your hair are simply to find great products, research a bit about your hair type, and find a stylist to help you manage any hair concerns you have. These tips are all myths, and your stylist may be able to let you know about any others you believe.

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