DIY Color Lash Extensions

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before and after colored lashes

DIY Color Lash Extensions

The inspiration behind colored lashes started emerging in early 2020. Colorful eyelash extensions are bold and expressive with a theatrical flair. The beauty of colored lash extensions is you can create a narrative. Adorn your lashes with a bit of color on a fully made-up eye with bright shadow and liner. You can also opt to wear rainbow-colored lashes with pale shades or bare eyes. Gen Z makeup artists have been flouting makeup conventions, and we’re all here for it.

Even prominent beauty industry professionals have taken cues from young up-and-coming influencers painting bold colors on their falsies. Just as you would with natural colored lash extensions, choose a lash that will enhance and flatter their natural eye shape. Go for a cat eyelash if you have big, round eyes and want to create a sultry, almond-shaped eye look.

For big, round eyes, go with less theatrical-looking, ample and ultra-curled lashes. This can unintentionally create a surprised-looking expression. Downturned or droopy eyes are most flattering with cat-eye lash extensions or lashes that follow the natural shape. Wispy eyelashes have a stylized, wet look and can work with virtually any eye shape.

When Lauren B. Brown, who goes by “raggedyroyal” on social media, debuted her colored lashes matching her lipstick on YouTube, there was no turning back. Lauren’s colored lashes tutorial went viral, and beauty creatives across Instagram and Tik Tok reimagined her look, adding a pop of color to their lashes. There are various pre-colored eyelash extensions to choose from on your lash journey. 

Why stick with black lashes when your eyeshadow and lip palette has unlimited vibrant color options? In addition to matching your lip color with your lashes, you can explore matching your lashes with facial designs and unique contact lens eye color. Green lashes will be an attractive monochromatic style if your natural eye color is green. Match blue eyes with blue lash extensions. Apply a red or pink lash tint on hazel greenish-brown eyes for a complimentary color combination.

Our innovative students and lash artist instructors have broken down each step of how to color your own lash extensions to any customized color of the rainbow. Ranging from purple lashes, and ombre lash extensions to multi-color lashes, read on as we guide you in this step-by-step tutorial and show you how to make a bold statement with your lashes.

In this tutorial, we’ll be painting our lashes rather than using colored mascara. The process and estimated time should take approximately 35 minutes. You’ll need the following materials to achieve this colorful lash look:

  • Ardell Demi Wispies False Eyelashes Black Volume Strips or black lash extensions
  • Idraet Pro Makeup Concealer (10 Natural)
  • Morphe 35B Eyeshadow Palette
  • The Roaring Eyeshadow Palette (Shades: Dame, Shnookums) – Rude Cosmetics
  • Duo Semi-permanent Eyelash Glue or black glue for eyelashes 
  • Ardell False Eyelash Applicator
  • Matte Liquid Lipstick – Latika
  • One blender brush
  • Natural hair cat’s tongue brush
  • Short, dense brush
  • Dense synthetic brush
  • Blotting paper
 before and after colored lashes

Step One: Adding a Neutral Base Color to Your Dark Lashes

First things first, apply makeup to your eyes and face before putting on your colored lashes. Next, paint concealer on the false eyelashes with a flat brush. A neutral base color will help enhance whatever your chosen final shade is over a black base. Allow the concealer to dry for approximately two to three minutes.

apply matte heliotrope shade

Step Two: Apply Pink Liquid Lipstick to the Lashes

Apply a matte heliotrope shade (pinkish purple) by dipping a clean synthetic fluffy brush inside the liquid lipstick—Latika, shade 07—and brushing it generously onto the eyelash. The tone of the liquid lipstick shade should be within the same tonal range as the eyeshadow we will use in the next step. Always opt for a lighter shade first so that the shadow’s coloring is more brilliant. You can apply a second layer of the liquid lipstick and allow it to dry for approximately two or three minutes.

apply liquid lipstick to lashes

Step Three: Apply a Matching Pink Shadow to the Lashes

Using a new dense, fluffy brush, apply a pigmented magenta shadow on the lashes in small, soft strokes to avoid accidentally removing the dried liquid lipstick. Between applications, dust off the brush on the blotting paper to remove excess pigment from the shadow.

apply makeup to lashes

Step Four: Apply a Pale Shadow to the Eyes

Set aside the lashes and apply makeup to your eyes. First, using a blending brush, apply a nude pink shadow. We’re using Rude Cosmetics Dame tone, starting on the eyelid and buffering in and around the crease to the outer corner with the brush.

Apply pink shade to eyes

Step Five: Add a Pink Shadow to the Lid and Blend 

Using a flat brush, apply a satin soft pink eyeshadow. We use Rude Roaring 20’s Shnookums shade in this look. Blend over the lid and crease.

Apply Shnookums shade

Step Six: Apply a Neutral Concealer to the Lashes

Before the faux lashes application, match the tone of the natural lashes to the extensions. Using a clean spoolie or lash brush, apply a coat of concealer onto the natural eyelash to lighten the lashes by painting the spoolie with the concealer brush. You need to tone the canvas and create the same base color as the false eyelashes.

Note: Repeat this step to the lower lash as well. 

apply base coat to lashes

Step Seven: Apply a Magenta Shadow to the Lashes

Next, apply a magenta eyeshadow using Morphe 35B palette to the upper lashes until the magenta shade envelops the natural lash color. Avoid getting the magenta shadow on the eyelids.

apply magenta to lashes

Step Eight: Apply Eyelash Glue to Faux Lashes

Begin applying semi-permanent eyelash glue to the false lashes. Once you use the glue to each falsie, allow them to dry for a few seconds so the eyelashes go on smoothly.

apply glue to lashes

Step Nine: Apply Faux Lashes on Lash Adhesive

Softly grip the false eyelash ends with the applicator and gently place the lashes just above the root of the natural lashes. Hold until it sets. Do this on each eye.

set the lashes on root

Step Ten: Add Magenta Shadow to Lower Lashes

After you apply the false lashes, apply magenta shadow on the lower lashes using a fluffy brush. You can use blotting paper beneath the lashes to avoid getting magenta pigment on the skin.

 apply shadow to bottom lashes

The completed look is eye-catching, bold, and vibrant and will raise your lash game. Try mixing it up with a rainbow-inspired palette using individual lashes, or get creative with a visual narrative to match your colored lashes.

the finished color lashes look

Honing Your Craft in Cosmetology School

Now that you learned how to color your lash extensions, you can customize new shades to match your lip palette or eye at any time. If you love staying abreast of new beauty trends and excel at executing different advanced looks, consider a career in cosmetology or as a makeup artist.

Did you know you can complete a full-time cosmetics program with Ogle school in as little as seven months? Students can enjoy their weekends while immersing themselves in their beauty studies five days a week. This is one 9 to 5 schedule that students actually look forward to. Learn color theory and basic and advanced techniques while practicing with peers until you’re ready for real clients under faculty supervision.

The Ogle School Cosmetology program is an NACCAS-approved program. Ogle School will help prepare you for pursuing your dream career. Contact us today to learn more about enrollment, class schedules, requirements, and financial aid.

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By submitting this form, I am providing my consent to be called, texted, and/or emailed by Ogle School at the number and/or email provided. This consent is not a condition of purchase.
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