DIY Skincare Straight From Your Kitchen

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DIY Skincare Straight From Your Kitchen

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It may be hard to conceive of a world without a wealth of skincare products readily for sale at every drug store, grocery, and department store around (not to mention the mammoth amount of choices available online). However, before there was a Sephora or CVS—indeed, before there was any mass-produced beauty aids at all—crafty consumers experimented with their own simple ingredients to make home-made masks and remedies.

And, many still do, to this day! There are numerous advantages to making one’s own skincare products. It can be cost-effective, you can personalize ingredients to suit your unique needs and sensitivities, and you can also avoid unwanted chemicals and additives using your own recipes.

The best part? You can probably start right this very minute using basic items found in the average household kitchen. If you’ve never “whipped up some beauty” right in your own kitchen, here are some key ingredients and ideas to get you going…and glowing.
Egg-cellent Start

brown eggs

  • Open up the fridge and you’ll likely see a carton of eggs on the shelf. Before you get out the frying pan and start cooking breakfast, consider what you can do with these versatile, skin-friendly little orbs besides eat them!
  • Egg whites make an easy and amazingly effective facial mask; people have been using them for generations to tighten and firm skin.
  • The protein and nutrients in the whites nourish skin just as they do your body upon consumption.
  • They have a powerful astringent effect that helps clean and diminish pores.
  • They also tend to be gentle on reactive complexions, but can make dry skin even drier—so be sure to use a moisturiser if dryness is a problem for you.
  • Using the whites couldn’t be simpler. Separate the egg, then either simply spread the whites over your face, or beat them to make a frothy texture before smoothing them on. Let the egg dry, then wash off. That’s it!
  • Customize your egg whites with other natural ingredients to come up with a blend and fragrance that’s perfect for you. Some ingredients to consider are honey, oatmeal, lemon or citrus juice, rosemary, mint, and cornmeal.

An Apple a Day (Apple Cider Vinegar, That Is!)


  • Apple cider vinegar is heralded as a near-miracle substance by its devotees. In the specific arena of skincare, it has quite a few uses.
  • An excellent skin toner, you can dab it on to prevent and treat acne.
  • It also reportedly removes skin tags and warts. Give it a try—Dab on, put a band-aid over the spot, repeat for a week.
  • Also, use it to correct hyperpigmentation spots.

Go Nuts With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil

  • Coconut oil is another common kitchen ingredient with numerous useful skin applications.
  • It’s especially good for shaving—will keep your skin silky soft and protect from the razor, no matter what area you’re removing hair from.
  • Use it to soothe eczema breakouts.
  • Rub it gently into your cuticles to strengthen them.
  • You can also use it for a DIY lip gloss or highlighter instead of makeup.
  • Coconut oil has a pleasant, distinctive fragrance, but you can mix it with other ingredients to customize its scent.

Fruit Is Sweet On Skin Sliced citrus fruits

  • The next time you are considering a snack from the fruit bowl, consider if you might be able to execute a little beauty routine as well as satisfy your hunger.
  • Acidic fruits have a variety of useful roles in skincare.
  • Lemons, in particular, are great for toning and lightening age spots as well as discolored patches of skin such as elbows.
  • Go ahead and cut yourself a natural loofah—a slice of pineapple will slough off your dead skin and leave you with a fresh glow.
  • Apples contain pectin which is great for fighting acne.
  • Mash any of these fruits and add them to other ingredients to make an effective and soothing face mask customized to your needs.

Inspired now to cook up something beautiful in your kitchen? Enjoy the bounty that is – likely—right in your pantry or refrigerator, right now!

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