Drugstore Dupes — Are Salon Products Worth the Extra Cost?

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Drugstore Dupes — Finding the Perfect Product on a Budget | Ogle Schoo

Drugstore Dupes — Are Salon Products Worth the Extra Cost?

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If you’ve ever looked at the hair products on the shelf when you visit a salon, it’s likely that you’ve been a little taken aback by the price tag. Are salon products good enough to warrant that high cost?

The short answer is, most of the time. The long answer is that there are definitely a lot of times when those expensive have the upper hand. Read on to discover whether you should be substituting salon products with a drugstore dupe.


If you have a difficult-to-manage hair type, you absolutely want to spring for a salon shampoo. Some drugstore shampoos are fine for general hair care concerns, but you have to be careful when choosing.

The biggest thing to look at here is the ingredients list. You don’t want a shampoo full of chemicals that you can’t pronounce, no matter how inexpensive it is. A product with natural ingredients is much more likely to keep your hair and scalp healthy.


Similar to shampoos, conditioners are surprisingly versatile. Ingredients tend to make the difference here as well, and some drugstore dupes come pretty close to salon formulas.

One of the biggest differences between a low- and high-end conditioner is the way it conditions your scalp. Salon conditioners have formulas that are proven ideal for certain types of hair. At the very least, if you absolutely have to save money on your conditioner, find a drugstore conditioner that’s created without artificial chemicals.

Hair Color

It’s always best to splurge on coloring products. If your hair coloring goes slightly astray, you may be able to cover it up with a darker color; however if it goes horribly wrong, you may be stuck with brassy hair, a color that bleeds through darker ones, or even a permanent negative effect on your scalp.

There’s no substitute for a salon hair coloring. Hold off on coloring your hair if you can’t afford to go to the salon right now; your hair will thank you.

Finishing Sprays

A finishing spray is one of the best things to splurge on when it comes to hair care. After all, a finishing spray is literally the finishing touch on your hair. Make sure to put your best foot forward so your hair looks exactly how you envisioned it.

There’s no substitute for a good, salon-grade finishing spray. Some drugstore brands can get close, but remember the adage that you get what you pay for. One of the best things you can do is have a stylist tell you how much spray you need to use to make your salon style last longer.


For those that use mousse, a high-quality formulation is a must. It’s a stay-in hair product, which means it has to hold up to everything you put your hair through all day.

With mousse, as with most other finishing products, there’s no substitute for a salon brand. Many inexpensive mousses have a manufactured smell that may bother others, and that’s not something you want to have on your mind all day. If mousse is an everyday product for you, go ahead and splurge.

Hair Mask

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A hair mask is the perfect way to fix hair damage, leaving your hair even more silky-smooth than some people with healthy hair. Because expensive brands use higher quality ingredients, they do a much better job than drugstore options do.

Some drugstore products are helpful for maintenance, if you’ve been using a salon product and nurtured your hair back to its healthy self. However, when you’re trying to condition brittle and broken hair, a salon option is the best bet.

Drugstore vs. Salon

At the end of the day, some drugstore dupes have a fighting chance against their salon counterparts, especially if you don’t have any specific hair concerns. Of course, determining what treatments your hair needs is best left up to the professionals. You can even get tips and tricks from professional stylists on how to take care of your hair in the future.

If you’re looking for professional hair care information that you’ll use for months after your appointment, book an Ogle School salon session today.

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