Easy Tutorial on Renewing Your Hair With Temporary Dye

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temporary dye before after

Easy Tutorial on Renewing Your Hair With Temporary Dye

If you’ve been longing to refresh your look without committing to a permanent change, temporary vibrant hair dye is a fun option. You can achieve rainbow-colored highlights or a pink-haired mane with temporary color guided by this step-by-step tutorial. If you’re coloring highlighted hair, keep in mind that the color will only take to natural or bleached light blonde hair or highlights.

temporary dye before after

Before and after: Temporary hair dyes, rich blues, purples or pastel shades of pinks work on light blond hair or blond highlights. Turn your signature blonde locks into rich, brilliant purple, pink and blue hues. Hair by Filosofia Peluqueria Photography by Aylen Diaz

Wrap towel around neck

Preparation: Wrap a towel around the neck, tuck it under the shirt, and secure it with a clip over the chest. Wear a waterproof cape over the towel to prevent stains from setting on the clothes and skin. 

Mix color pigments

Mixing pigments: Use pure pigments to achieve the semi-permanent color. In this tutorial, magenta, violet and green are applied. The process is non-oxidative, so a developer is not required.

Use pivoting divisions to section

Section hair with precision: Using a tail comb, section off hair with a technique known as pivoting. Part a quarter of the hair in the shape of a triangle and continue this technique throughout the head. Coil the hair around the index finger and secure it with a rubber band or bobby pin. 

Result of sectioning hair

Pivoting division result: The result of the pivoting division should resemble a pinwheel, with the hair securely coiled and tied in rubber bands. 

Color each hair section

Applying color: Comb hair to ensure it is smooth before adding color. Apply a different color pigment mixture to each section with a comb for even distribution. Brush on dry hair from the roots to the middle to the tips of the hair. Once color is applied evenly, coil hair into buns and secure with a pin or hair tie. 

Use towel between dyes

Use a towel between applications: Use a damp towel to clean the comb and gloves between each application to avoid mixing colors. 

wrap dyed hair in buns 

Color processing: Once you have finished wrapping each section into a bun, leave in the dye for 60 minutes or the recommended time, per the instructions. 

Rinse, wash, rinse, repeat

Wash, rinse, repeat: Rinse the hair thoroughly until all product is out and shampoo with post-color shampoo and conditioner. Repeat shampoo and conditioning process. 

final look
final look front

Dry, comb, and style hair: The hair should be 80% dry before using a blow dryer. Apply heat protectants before drying to maximize shine. Once the hair is dry, use a hydrating styling product style a detangling brush or comb to smooth and comb the hair. 

Washing colored hair in cold to lukewarm water every three days will preserve color and enhance shine. 
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