How to Show School Spirit for Football Season

If you’re from Texas, then you know that football season is a huge deal. We love everything from high school to professional football. It’s truly a part of the culture, so you definitely have to go big or go home when it comes to supporting your team. Besides wearing your favorite player’s jersey or waving pom-poms, one of the best ways to show team spirit is through the art of makeup!

We’re showing you some easy steps to achieve a bold game-day look you can rock with any school’s colors.


Graphic Eyeliner

Start with a soft, neutral eyeshadow look and create a bold graphic liner. Use a liquid eyeliner for precision to create the shape of your choice. We decided on a thunderbolt shape for an electric and edgy liner. First, outline your desired shape with the liquid eyeliner and then fill in to prevent mistakes.



Glitter Face Art

Represent your favorite team and stand out under the stadium lights by adding face art. This can consist of numbers, school letters and shapes that tell everyone exactly who you’re rooting for! Remember to be creative; you can never have too much glitter at a football game.

You will need a mixing palette, glitter primer/glue and a loose glitter of your choice.


Squeeze a small amount of primer/glue onto the mixing palette and add a few sprinkles of the loose glitter.



Mix and apply with a pencil brush for precision to create face art that will last all night long. Continue to apply and build glitter to areas that should be bolder.


Finishing Touches

Before you dash out for the game, add a few more touches to your look to make sure you’re game-day ready! You’ll want to add as much color to your face as possible, so think of the places you would typically apply makeup for an everyday look. Try not to leave too many spots bare in order to achieve a full look.


Line your lower lash with an eyeshadow that matches your graphic eyeliner. Use a small smudge brush to apply and softly blend out.


A lipstick or two in your school’s colors are a must-have. It’s also one of the easiest ways to show school spirit, even if you’re a fan of neutral makeup rather than bold.


Your look isn’t complete without a pair of dramatic lashes. These can be your own eyelashes, extensions or false eyelashes. Falsies with length and believable fullness are our favorite!

Since you’re going to be at a football game, apply a pair that are super unique and have tons of personality — just like you. You can even add to the fullness and drama with a few coats of mascara.

Play around with color and shapes to make the look your own, and don’t be afraid to stand out. Now you’re ready for a football season kickoff Ogle School style!

Click to see the full game-day tutorial on our YouTube channel.

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