Get Runway-ready Hair With These Pro Tips

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Get Runway-ready Hair With These Pro Tips

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A professional look doesn’t have to be difficult or only attainable for the professionals. As long as you have a bit of knowledge, you can create a runway look for your hair at home. With the products you currently have in your bathroom, you may be able to craft the perfect runway style. Here are a few unique looks that can help you craft a gorgeous style.

Create a Gentle Hair Swish

If you’ve ever watched a runway show before, chances are that you know there’s a special appearance to their hair. A gentle swish that seems to walk with them. Focus on the roots of your own hair to get this appearance. Backcomb the roots slightly, giving it a light lift. This will let your hair move more gracefully, even if you’ve covered the rest of it in hairspray.

Add Natural Textures and Waves

Ringlet curls can be an astonishingly beautiful look, but what if you’re looking for something that seems a little more natural? Try out some beachy waves with this unique option. Take your hair into 2-6 sections, depending on the thickness of your hair, and braid each section. Make sure you tug the sides of the braid out a bit to make them fuller. Run a flat iron down each braid, then pull out the braid and run your fingers through it. This should create a messy wavy look.

Protect Your Hair from Heat

You can keep your hair healthier by avoiding heat exposure, but many of these beautiful looks require curling irons or flat irons. There are many heat protector sprays currently on the market, but even just taking a few tips and tricks from professionals can help you avoid excessive damage. Never use an iron when your hair is wet, use styling products after using heat tools, and make sure the temperature is as low as possible to still get the style.

Get Rid of Flyaways

Those little wispy hairs that stick out of slicked-back styles like buns are called flyaways, and they can be frustrating to see after you’ve finished a style. To fix it, take hairspray and a new toothbrush. Spray the flyaway areas with hairspray, then comb the hair in the area with the toothbrush. The hairs will stick to your head, creating a great-looking sleek style.

More Easily Create a Topknot

Creating a topknot, high ponytail, or any other style that requires you to gather hair at the top of your head can be tough, especially since you’re working against both gravity and your hair’s existing preference to lay down flat. Instead, blow-dry the ponytail into place. When you first start styling, bend over, flipping the hair over the head, and blow dry the hair toward the crown of the head. This will provide volume and adjust the hair’s natural style to make it want to stay in that high style.

Style a Braid Inside a Braid

A double braid look can give you a bit of extra style without having to worry about anything too difficult. Simply take a small section of hair to one side, then braid it and tie it off. Once you go to braid the rest of your hair, incorporate the smaller braid into the larger braid. You can even try a French braid for an even fancier final look.


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Runway hair looks incredibly complex and unique, but many of these styles can be easy even for beginners to master. These tips allow you to create a runway-ready look from the comfort of your own home. If you find that many of these tips come naturally to you, or you were using them even before you learned about them here, this might just be the career for you. An Ogle School cosmetology program can help you make your stylist’s dreams a reality.

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