How to Get What You Want From Your Hairdresser

It happens fairly often. You go to the salon for a haircut and style. Once it is over, you can’t deny that the stylist has done a good job, but it isn’t really what you asked for. The stylist asks if you are happy with it and, instead of addressing your concerns, you say “It’s great” and head home kicking yourself.

What is it that stops you from saying anything? What prevents you from piping up when you’re worried that your stylist may be cutting a little too much off? Why do you even feel unable to say anything when you don’t like the styling product they use?


It is probably because you are afraid of offending your stylist. There is no real need to be concerned about that. Your hairdresser would rather you walked away with a style that you love that makes you feel good about yourself. Besides, you are paying for a service and you are entitled to get what you want from it.

So here are some tips to get what you want from your trip to the hairdresser.

Use A Picture Reference

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to take a reference picture of what you would like your hairstyle to be. After all, a picture says a thousand words. With a picture reference, your stylist will be able to tell you if the style will suit your face shape or is suitable for your hair type. If your hairdresser doesn’t think your chosen style will work for you, they will be able to advise you on a similar cut that would suit you better.

Take a few options with you and take your stylists expert advice to come to a style that you are happy with.

Be Open To Change

If you know what you want and are unwilling to deviate, that is completely okay. But remember that your stylist is a professional. They may have some great insights for a style or color that will suit you to perfection. They could slightly modify your chosen style to make it more contemporary, fitting in with current trends. Additionally, by telling your stylist how often you visit a salon, they will be able to suggest a style of color with the appropriate level of maintenance.

It may take a bit of a leap of faith, but you just might walk away from the salon looking and feeling better than you could have possibly imagined.


Ask Questions

And by questions we don’t mean the typical small talk salon questions like, “Are you going anywhere nice on vacation?” Ask your hairstylist questions about the cut, such as where they think the parting for the style should go? Or if they think you would suit having your bangs a certain way. If your stylist is a professional, which I’m sure they are, then they will appreciate your interest and input.

Also, ask your stylist about the brushes and products they use to finish and style your hair so you can replicate it at home, keeping you happy with your haircut in the long term. They will be able to put together a package of hair care products that suit your hair type to give you locks that you are happy with long after your appointment.

Be Specific

You really cannot be precise enough when talking to your hairdresser. Instead of saying words like ‘shorter’ or ‘chin length’, be specific in the amount of length you want taken off. You can demonstrate it with your fingers or physically demonstrate what you mean by chin length. If you are after layers in your new style, indicate how short you want the shortest layer to be so you have no little surprises once the cut is over. Or if you are after bangs, indicate if you want them soft or blunt, side swept or straight. You get the idea.


Never be afraid to speak up if you feel your stylist is cutting off too much, or not following the plan you came up with together. It is always better to speak up too soon rather than too late. Even if you have followed these tips and haven’t got the style you were hoping for, then call up your salon and discuss your worries. Most will be willing to have you go back in for a complimentary restyle. Remember, your stylist wants you to be happy.

Your hair appointment should be a relaxing experience, not something to feel stressed out over. So take note of these tips and get in touch with your local Ogle School Salon to get booked today.

About the Author

Jeff Chiarelli
Jeff Chiarelli is the Head of Marketing for Ogle School. His responsibilities include leading Ogle School's marketing and branding strategy to amplify Ogle School's passion for helping create future beauty professionals in the communities Ogle School serves.