Gold Full-Face Makeup Tutorial

Do you love the gold makeup trend that’s happening right now? It’s shimmery, sparkly, and beautifully metallic.


Try this look in the cold winter months when you want something high-contrast and glam. It also works great in the summer when your tan skin and lighter hair changes the overall color palette to a sun-kissed sparkle.

In this gold makeup tutorial, we’ll show you the products to use and the steps to take to get this dazzling look.


Priming Eyelids: Create an even base on your eyelids by using a long-wearing and creamy product such as MAC Painterly Paint Pot.


Light Eyeshadow: Using a light-toned eyeshadow such as the lightest shade on the Kat Von D palette Shade and Light, brush the entire eyelid up to the brow using a medium-sized brush like this one from Morphe. This light tone with prevent any creasing.


Darker Eyeshadow: Now start adding definition and contrast to your eyelids by using a brown transition shade from the same palette. We opted for a brown that had a reddish-bronze tint to complement the gold that we’ll be using.


Metallic Eyes: Using Moira Scandaleyes Metallic cream shadow, pack the liquid gold onto the eyelid, bringing the outer edges upwards to create a cat eye look.


Added Sparkle: Returning to the Kat Von D metallic eyeshadow palette, we added additional metallics on top of the previous shade to emphasize the golden theme.


Eyeliner: Define the shape of the eyes by lining them with the smooth black of Eyeko’s Sport Waterproof Eyeliner.


Mascara: Define your lashes by using a black mascara like this one from Eyeko.


Inner Corners: Add some pop to the inner corners of your eyes by using a rosy metallic eyeshadow like this one from the NYX Love You So Mochi palette.


Bronzer: Now bring some dimension to your face by using a Burlesque brush to apply Becca Bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, below your cheek bones.


Highlights: To the upper arches of your cheekbones, add a highlighter such as this Rose Gold tone from Ofra Cosmetics.


Lipstick: On your lips, use liquid lipstick in a bold red color like this Jeffree Star shade called Unicorn Blood.


Metallic Lips: Using the same Moira Metallic cream shadow that we used on the eyelids, add some gold to the center of your lips.


Eyebrows: Now add some of the gold to your eyebrows by applying with an eyebrow brush.


Finishing: Set everything with the Nyx Dewy Finish spray to hold the makeup in place and add an overall sheen.


So glamorous! This gold makeup look is sure to up the “wow factor” when you dress-up for a night out. Many stylists, from Paris to New York, are saying that this golden look will dominate the trends in 2018.


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